Everyone wants their business to stand out. Customized signage is a powerful method of helping customers notice your business, which can increase traffic and overall sales.

Retractable banners, in particular, provide an effective, eye-catching, and affordable option for promotion. Available in a myriad of sizes and styles, there’s literally an option for any type of business. But if you’re confused about which type of retractable banner is right for your business, then you’re in the right place. This easy-to-follow guide breaks down the difference between each type of retractable banner so that you can review which one might be right for your business. Picture2

Single-side printed retractable banner:

A single-sided, printed retractable banner is the perfect starting place to explore this versatile type of signage. It starts with a sturdy yet lightweight base, which houses a coiled sheet printed with the graphics of your choosing. Simply lift an included support pole, unroll the display banner, and click it in place. This display is lightweight and incredibly easy to assemble and take down. There’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular types of signage for retail businesses, trade shows, product launches, and special events! Above All Advertising offers two versions of a single side printed retractable banner: our standard retractable banner and our premium single-sided retractable banner. Picture4

Double-sided retractable banner:

Now that you know what a standard retractable banner is, double the graphics and you’ve got the right idea about what makes up our double-sided retractable banner. This variation on a classic retractable banner features two sides of graphics so that you can double the attention and visibility of your sign. It’s a perfect option for settings where traffic may approach your sign from multiple directions, such as a trade show floor or retail setting. You can choose to double up on the same image for both sides or employ separate messages. Like our single-side printed retractable banners, the double-sided option is available in a variety of sizes, with standard and premium options available.Picture5

Slim retractable banner:

Sometimes, space is at a premium. When you still want a retractable sign but don’t have a ton of space in which to display it, a slim retractable banner is just the ticket. Measuring 24x80 inches, this tall, slim banner makes a statement with a lofty height but manages to take up minimal space in a trade show booth or retail floor because of its slim horizontal measurement. It’s the perfect way to broadcast your message without dominating your booth space. Picture6

Wide retractable banner stand:

Consider this the opposite complement to our slim retractable banner. While sometimes you want a sign that can fit in a small space, sometimes you really want a sign that can really make a splash. Our wide retractable banner sign is perfect for when you want to really make a statement and take up some space with your advertising. As opposed to the slim banner, which is 24x80 inches, these wide varieties come in sizes such as 48x96, 60x96, or 96x96 inches. Picture7

Roll star banner:

This easy-to-display option is one of the rising stars among retractable banners, made with the highest quality materials, which makes it one of our longest-lasting models. The roll star banner is so easy to set up that only one person is needed to assemble it. Simply pull the high-quality printed banner upwards from the base and attach it to the vertical support bar to display. It is just as easy to take down, meaning that this type of retractable banner is a go-to signage option for presentations, trade shows, or special events. Available in a variety of sizes, the roll star retractable banner is printed beautifully and built to last. Picture8

Water base outdoor banner stand:

Take it to the streets...literally! Our water base outdoor banner stand is specifically designed for outdoor use. Instead of a standard base, it comes with a base which can be filled with water or sand so that the sign will stay put and stable outdoors. The printed sign itself is protected with transparent film to protect the poster inside, so you know your printed materials are always protected from any dust or damage. It’s held up using a spring mount, which allows for a slight sway when high winds are present. This helps ensure that the sign will not topple over. This sign also allows for customization and easy alteration. All of the sign borders snap open, which allows you to easily change the graphics. Built to stand up to the elements and everyday wear and tear, this beautiful retractable sign is an optimal way to draw attention to your business from the outside. This can help draw customers in from the sidewalk, bring attention to a special event, or help customers find you if you’re slightly off the beaten path. Picture9

Eco-friendly green advertising banners:

More and more, businesses are making a commitment to using materials which are better for the environment. An eco-friendly advertising banner is a perfect way to broadcast your business to the world while also staying true to your values. Not only is this socially responsible, but it can enhance your brand image with like-minded customers. How are these signs eco-friendly? First, they are made from bamboo, which is considered to be among the fastest-growing plants in the world. They also feature speciality fabrics, which are easily degradable in a landfill setting. This means that they will break down far faster compared to other banners which are made of non-biodegradable material requiring about 500 to 700 years before degrading into the soil. Finally, the printing process used to make these eco-friendly banner stands is more environment-friendly and hence they emit less toxic material into the environment. An eco-friendly sign is a beautiful way to advertise your business by staying true to your principles. Picture10

V-Trak Retractable Banner Stand:

For a truly deluxe presentation, consider the V-Trak banner stand. An extra-wide base and sleek design, created with only the best quality materials, differentiates this retractable banner from the rest, with a truly professional look. Available in a variety of sizes, this sign is just as easy to set up as any of our other options: simply pull the high-quality printed banner upwards from the base and attach it to the vertical support bar to display. Conclusion: A retractable banner is a versatile and easy-to-assemble signage option for any type of business. Whether it’s an eco-friendly variety, an outdoor-appropriate variety with a water-filled base, or an eye-grabbing extra wide variety, you’re bound to find the right retractable banner sign for your business in our vast collection.

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