When the weather outside changes from delightful to frightful, everyone tends to spend more time indoors. This means as a business owner, you have to strongly consider beefing up your indoor promotions to increase sales and keep the business going strong. Here, we’ll discuss 8 different ideas for indoor promotions during cooler weather. These open-ended suggestions can be varied to suit a variety of different business types, so that you can use signage to help support and promote your unique business. .

Set up a tablet holder.

Tech is becoming more and more a part of promotions, whether they are in-store, in an office lobby, or at trade shows or conventions. Join the trend in a savvy way by installing a tablet or iPad holder in your business space to act as a sort of interactive sign for your business. Whether it’s a counter top display or a standing display showcasing your tablet will entice customers to come over; from there, you can choose what adventure they will explore with your technology. You can offer information about your business, program an app or game to showcase what you do, or create a slideshow to show examples of your work or products.

Two words: promotional furniture.

When it’s cold outside, people tend to get into hibernation mode. This means that whether you have a retail space or are displaying on a trade show floor, adding a touch of coziness will probably make for an enticing promotion! This is where promotional furniture can help. Promotional furniture can be branded with your company logo. Items such as promotional chairs can provide a place for customers to get a bit of respite, but they are also a captive audience to engage with your brand. Placing ad materials near the furniture or having your logo prominently displayed will help increase brand awareness with customers.

Customized games!

You might think of custom games as more of an outdoor type of promotion, but there are plenty of options for bringing the good times inside when the weather is cold. Obviously, some options, such as an inflatable field goal kick, won’t be quite as appropriate indoors. However, games such as a custom printed game table or a prize wheel can figure into indoor promotions in an effective way. Customized games, which include your branding printed on the game, are fun ways that allow customers to engage with your company in a fun and freewheeling, low-pressure way. It’s a great first contact with your company for all ages.

Easel or standing displays.

Standing displays are truly one of the most effective promotional tools, both indoors and outdoors. While outdoor signs are capable of blaring your message and location to passersby, indoor banners are a bit more subtle in scope. In a retail setting, for instance, a banner could be displayed in an easel and displayed in front of the store or in the doorway to announce a specific promotion, such as a BOGO (buy one get one) sale. Promotions displayed on standing displays in such a manner is a great way to direct customer attention to your store, but also to indicate a specific special. In this way, the displays can be even more directive indoors than outdoors, where it’s more about conveying a big message!  

Indoor banners.

Once again, this is a type of sign which can provide powerful promotion both indoors and out. While large banners displayed outside are best for conveying simple and to the point messages, such as your company location or an upcoming event, you can get a little bit more specific when displaying indoors. For instance, if you have a clothing store, you might have an outdoor hanging banner that says “big winter sale!”. Indoors, you might have respective banners that say “buy one get one”, “final clearance” and “$20 and under” to denote specific promotions within your sale. In this way, indoor hanging banners can provide a lot of direction for your customers.

Pennant signs.

If you’re having a special event indoors, such as a sale, holiday party, or an open house, customized pennants can really help create a festive mood while simultaneously promoting the event or your company. For instance, say that you are hosting an open house for your new design firm. Displaying pennants with your company branding can serve as a great bit of decor, but also act as promotion for your work, featuring bits of your company’s portfolio or even just the logo.

Table coverings.

When it’s cold out, and particularly around the holidays, there are plenty of indoor events and festivals. Customized table coverings featuring your company logo and colors can be a powerful tool for promoting sales. For instance, say that you have a catering company and you are taking part in a holiday festival where you’ve rented a table, and are offering appetizers and handing out your business cards. A custom table throw can imprint your branding in customers’ minds so that as they approach and after they walk away, they are exposed to your company branding. They are far less likely to forget your name this way, and that much more likely to think of you to cater their next party!  

Vehicle wraps.

When it’s cold, most people are running straight from their car to their destination, and not pausing for long to enjoy outdoor promotions. But wait: more time spent in the car means more time for people to see your custom printed vehicle wrap while driving around town! Graphics on a car, whether it’s a vehicle wrap or magnetic display affixed to the car door, will ensure maximum viewing power as you drive around and do your daily business. People will see your logo constantly, and this in itself acts as branding and promotion. Customers can enjoy it from the safe, warm, indoor space of their car, which makes it an appropriate if somewhat alternative “indoor” advertising possibility! Conclusion: Just because there aren’t as many people walking around town when the weather is cold doesn’t mean that your promotions have to take a back seat. By focusing on creating dynamic and enticing indoor promotions and investing in signage to match, you’ll be able to make the most of your business’s earning potential during all types of weather. How do you promote your business when it’s cold outside?