Are you looking for effective way to capture maximum attention and interest from potential customers? It might be time to consider large format printing as part of your business promotion.

Large format printed promotional products offer a unique opportunity to create graphics that pop on an impressive scale that customers can’t help but notice. There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate large format printing into your promotional repertoire; here are just seven creative ideas. Read them all and see which ones might work for your business! 2

Draw eyes to your business with a vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners are one of the most common and versatile types of large format printed products. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they can be printed in a variety of different sizes to suit your specific business needs.Whether it’s a banner which will be displayed to market your retail business for a specific sale or event, a more permanent structure which will guide customers to the location of your business, or just a part of your outdoor kit, a vinyl banner is guaranteed to attract the eyes of customers passing by.

Personalize your display with window clings or window perf.

Stick-on displays such as window clings or window perf are perfect for personalizing your display to suit various needs. For example, say you have a special offer for the holidays. You might not want to invest in a whole printed display for your window, but you can invest in window clings, which can be used to announce the sale and then removed afterward, and can be used in conjunction with your existing display. Since they are reusable, they can be used again and again as needed. Window perf provides a two-in-one solution, offering privacy on the inside of a window (for instance, in an office or fitness studio setting where you might not want people peering in the windows) but with printed graphics on the exterior. The brilliant, perforated design allows an image to shine through when looking from the outside, but still allows light to come in from the outside in, so it won’t block off your window.  4

Make your retail or trade show space stand out with carpet graphics.

Your large format graphics don’t have to be printed and displayed at great heights to attract attention. Here’s an easy way to capture attention in a trade show or indoor retail setting: create a large format printed carpet featuring your graphics. They’re bound to stand out against dull floor treatments, and will capture the attention of customers as they walk close by. A large format print featured on a carpet not only acts as a powerful piece of branding and promotion, but offers a very useful purpose as well: it acts as a soft floor covering which keeps your showroom, retail sales floor, or trade show booth comfortable for shoppers. 5

Make a splash with gatorboard displays.

Special events or special products require special signage. Gatorboard is a versatile solution for a number of different promotional needs. Made from two sheets of plastic separated by another layer of zigzagged plastic, this so-called “gatorboard” is the same material which real estate agents use for yard signs. It’s a sturdy material which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and has a long life span. Best of all, gatorboard can be used to create signs of any quantity, from just one to thousands of units. It’s perfect for book or music tour promotions, or for trade show displays. A gatorboard display will serve you well for years to come, and provides a striking visual graphic.  6

Engage customers with a custom barbecue grill cover.

Signs and banners aren’t the only types of large format prints that can benefit your business. Consider adding custom items like barbecue grill covers to your advertising repertoire. The perfect marriage of form and function, these covers can be customized with the colors and graphics of your choosing. Use it to cover your grill, whether it’s at an outdoor company picnic or whether it’s part of your food business.Using unexpected surfaces to promote your product is effective in capturing attention and starting conversations with potential customers; customized barbecue grill covers are striking and broadcast your brand in an engaging way. 7

Create a versatile wall mural display.

One of the most eye-catching types of large format print displays is a wall mural. Printed digitally with the graphics of your choosing, you can create a mural in just about any size and shape to suit the space you have in mind.Wall murals can act as a compelling display in the entryway of your business, in a retail setting, in a mall, or on pillars. If you’re looking for high visibility and attention, a wall mural might just be the perfect promotional pick for your business. Picture4

Command attention with a building wrap.

Want to capture maximum attention on a large scale? Consider a building wrap. These large-scale prints aren’t just for Times Square anymore--they can be used to cover a variety of building sizes and types. Above All Advertising’s production capabilities allow for infinite variations on size and scale featuring your own graphics. It’s as easy as this: you find the structure, and we’ll find the solution, helping you with the design, manufacture, and installation process. Command attention and share your business with the world with a beautiful and impressive building wrap.

Conclusion: Large format printing can offer a unique opportunity to attract attention and put your business out in the open and right in front of potential customers’ eyes. The impressive scale of the printing commands attention and has a higher visibility which makes it more likely to capture the attention of viewers. It’s well worth exploring the creative large format signs featured in this post to help promote your business in a new way. Check out the Above All Advertising website for more information or to get a quote on any of these options!

Have you ever created a large format sign?