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  • Product is stocked 90% completed when you place your order. Accessories, finishes, lighting, logos and/or graphics are added to complete your order.
  • You are required to provide us with graphics and/or text, meeting the provided requirement, that will be created and/or applied prior to shipment. Please review the artwork/graphic guidelines and templates linked to in the downloads section before placing your order. Instructions for submitting your artwork/graphics are provided within the guides. We cannot be responsible for orders that are delayed due to artwork/graphics which do not meet the provided requirements.
In stock
Quick Overview
  • Available in various sizes
  • Material: 30-mil white, vinyl coated magnet
  • Up to a full-color single-sided imprint
  • Vehicle magnets make it easy for companies to kick off special promotions or contests.
Custom Artwork: You will be able to upload custom artwork during the checkout process or even after you have made the purchase.
More Information
BrandAbove All Advertising, Inc
FeaturesDisplay, Lightweight, Portable, Print, Rectangle, Vinyl Graphics
MaterialVinyl Coated Magnet
Type / StyleMagnets
ImprintCustom Print

Our custom car magnet is easily attachable to cars, trucks, vans and almost any type of vehicle.

Businesses of all sizes leverage vehicle magnets for brand promotion while on the road. You can now transform your vehicle into a swanky mobile billboard by placing our beautiful magnetic signs on it! With our custom-designed car magnets, you can advertise and showcase your business, brand, logo, message, web address, phone number – just about anything that you wish to leverage to put forth your advertising message clearly, right from scratch. Get our customized car magnets and rest assured that your advertisement will be seen clearly, helping you establish great brand identity and unforgettable brand recall.

Our appealing custom car magnets let you make a big impression at a small cost. All you need to do is drive around with the custom car magnets applied on your car, and you can rest assured that thousands of potential customers will view your advertising message.These magnetic signs function as brilliant identity builders for your brand and help you advertise with ease. We encourage you to capitalize on our quantity discounts and order more, so you can equip all the sides of your vehicles.

By using our customer car magnets, you can render a highly professional image to your company when you visit a client's location and proudly display your message, logo, and contact information via these appealing display magnets.


  • Incredible looking car magnets that make people take notice
  • Transforms your vehicle into a rolling advertisement medium with magnetic signs
  • Ideal to advertise your business, whether parked at the job site or driving down the road
  • These vehicle magnet signs suitable for all vehicles are a cost-effective form of advertising for any business
  • Standard and premium magnets available
  • Easily attachable to cars, trucks, vans and almost any type of vehicle
  • Easy to remove and reapply
  • Affordable
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Tested the product for outdoor use over one year in eastern USA, positive results confirmed.

Recommended sizes

  • 12"W Vehicle Magnets
  • 18"W Vehicle Magnets
  • 24"W Vehicle Magnets
  • 36"W Vehicle Magnets
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