Flags and Banners

Move away from your routine flags to our very own fully customized and attractive advertising flags!

Advertising flags is a simple and affordable way to advertise your brand with minimalism and impact. These flags can be set up almost anywhere at the trade show, fair, workshop or any other event. The custom-made flags can be a permanent fixture for your business as well. All you need to do is change the fabric in case you need to change the design or message.

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  1. Flex Blade® G7 - Teardrop FLag
    $29.82 As low as $28.33
  2. Flex Blade® Compact
  3. Flex Blade® LX
    $179.98 As low as $161.99
  4. Flex Blade® 3D Hut
    $374.99 As low as $337.49
  5. Flex Blade® Window
    $54.99 As low as $49.49
  6. Flex Blade® (17.5’) - Custom Printed
    $86.23 As low as $81.91
  7. Flex Blade® ( 06’) - Custom Printed
    $51.73 As low as $49.14
  8. Flex Blade® Mini
    $39.99 As low as $35.99
  9. Flex Blade® (15’) - Custom Printed
    $76.65 As low as $72.82
  10. Flex Blade® (12.5') - Custom Printed
    $65.15 As low as $61.89
  11. Flex Blade® ( 09’) - Custom Printed
    $55.57 As low as $52.79
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Outdoor Flags and Banners are the perfect way to catch the impatient eye of the audience and stand out in a crowded or secluded area providing your brand the much-needed visibility.

The custom double-sided flags come in various shapes and sizes and varying heights. You can use an arrow flag to direct or use different shapes for different purposes like teardrop flag, feather flag, or flutter flags among others. Check out our amazing rotating flags that provide a 3D view for everyone ensuring 360-degree visibility which works best in an outdoor and crowded venue. The flags are lightweight and easy to carry and can be put up in minutes allowing you to focus on other needs of the campaign. They can be assembled and folded into a compact structure which makes it convenient for transport and storage. These personalized flags come in a complete flag pole kit. The custom-made flags can be digitally printed on both sides with design, brand logo or text of your choice.

These personalized flags can be a perfect standalone feature or an add-on to your event taking your advertising efforts to the next level.

We offer a wide range of outdoor flags along with the ones that can be used as car flags, business flags or our special Backpack Popsi and Backpack flag that can be put up on a backpack which you can carry around providing mobile advertising. You can put up these promotional flags outside the pop-up tent. Use the Giant Location Pin, our custom flag used to pin locations at an event. Other attractive products include flex blade, flex banners, bullet flag, aire flag, each of which can be used as business flags or promotional flags. You can customize the structure of the flags and banners with a range of accessories like water weight bag, ball bearing ground platform, trailer hitch, and others.