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  • 5 Ways that Market Umbrellas Can Boost Business.

    For a business, brand recognition is maybe not everything, but it counts for a whole lot. The more ways you can expose your brand to the world with printed variations of your logo and look, the better: people will begin to recognize you, and then to gravitate toward you. A surprisingly effective tool? Customized, printed market umbrellas.

    Believe it: branded umbrellas can be a seamless way to create a useful and helpful object while also acting to promote your business. Not only will you create a functional item and pleasant decor, but you will also create a powerful marketing tool which can expose new customers in unexpected settings to your business. This post details some of the sometimes unexpected benefits of market umbrellas for your business. Continue reading

  • How to Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollars.

    Nobody wants to waste their advertising budget. Every business wants to advertise in ways that are effective and fruitful for their bottom line. But with so many different options out there, from print ads to radio promotion to custom banners and trade show displays, it can be difficult to know which method is going to deliver the most bang for your buck.

    However, there are some simple ways to narrow down the options and make a more educated decision on which types of advertising will work for your business. By taking the time to carefully consider  industry, your company’s values, and your business goals, you’ll be better positioned to choose an effective advertising platform or set of platforms. Ultimately, this will make your marketing plan more effective, and will make the best use of your advertising dollars. Continue reading

  • Using Market Umbrellas for Cost-effective Publicity

    Use of umbrellas is among the more traditional methods of publicity though the exact date of initialization of the practice is uncertain. Market umbrellas, because of their shape and ease of installation, are an excellent form of advertisement. You get to see them in fairs, exhibitions, carnivals and festivals. These are usually brightly colored to attract immediate attention of passers by and mainly used outdoors.

    Outdoor market umbrellas are usable across the year particularly during summer and rains. Marketing agencies make use of this common object in uncommon ways to publicize for goods and services. Limitation of using this product is only when it is stormy or after sundown. Shoe makers, paint companies, automobile manufacturers and even private broadcasters make use of umbrellas for publicity. Continue reading

  • Promote Your Services With A Custom Umbrella

    With the market getting more competitive than ever, you have to think of newer ways of advertising your products or services; otherwise, there is a high risk of getting left behind. Gone are the days when you could issue a print or electronic advertisement and expect consumers to notice your products and initiate sales. Now is the age of in-your-face marketing; you have to be visible everywhere to make a mark. This is because there are countless others like you, offering the same product or service. In such a scenario, how can you distinguish yourself from the rest? Simple! By opting for new and innovative ways of advertising, such as customized umbrellas.

    Custom Umbrella

    A custom umbrella is nothing but one that is designed with a specific purpose in mind, which is mostly to promote a product or service. These can be seen in trade shows, restaurants, fairs and festivals. They serve the purpose of providing shade to those sitting below while promoting your company at the same time. Continue reading

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