Are you horrified watching as people pass by ignoring your product launches and advertisements? It's time to get rid of those traditional flags and get some eye-catching custom flags to increased business visibility! Why not take a look at the advertising flags that can make a difference in your business?

Flex Blade®

The Flex Blade ® advertising flag renders a whole new look to a business location or a special business event. This flag really makes use of the innovative design by acting as both a display hut and a display booth. Installing a Flex Blade® Advertising Flag is very simple and because the flag is light weights it's easy to manage and carry! Also known as Teardrop banners, teardrop flags, banner flags, Feather Flags, Flex Blades, Wind Wavers, wind banners, flutter flags



Market a product launch by installing an EVO Banner Flag or Flex Banner EVO™ in front of your business location or other places where they can attract attention. Increase sales by using these custom flags which are economic for pricing, but are made with quality and care. The EVO Banner Flag has inspired the emergence of other advertising flags. Communicate your message to existing and potential customers precisely and get maximum effect. Also known as: Bow Flags, affordable banner flags, economical banner flags, advertising banner flags


Flying Flag

With these digitally printed Flying Flags, you will attract potential customers! Flying flags are available in various sizes and shapes. They are made from a polyester blend fabric, which is very durable and long lasting. We are happy to accommodate custom imprints, simply call your local sales representative with your ideas! Also known as Flying banners, rectangular banners, custom banners, commercial flags, flutter flags, promotional flags, promo flags, block banners

Bullet Flag™

Patent # (PCT Pat. App. No. PCT/US2010/044000) & Patent US8,935,869 B2Unlike other flags, the Bullet Flag™ caters to a larger crowd. They are used for both outdoor and indoor promotions. Thanks to its innovative shape, it has the capability to turn three hundred and sixty degrees in the wind. Promote your business with the Bullet Flag™ using a varying of sizes to enjoy larger branding areas for your business location. Also known as Oval Flag, dual arm flag

Watch Bullet Flag™ Set-Up in Action

Twizla™ Advertising Flag

This extremely high-quality polyester fabric flag renders a shine to your business advertisement. Installing these flags is not difficult and they are secured in the ground with the help of a ball bearing stake. They come in a 3 sided option and a 4 sided option allowing for further imprinting! Also known as 3 sided flag, 4 sided flag, 3 sides rotating display, 4 sides rotating the display

Watch Twizla Rotating Flag set up in action

Ad Sock™

The Ad Sock™ is a fantastic addition to any Flex Banner Advertising flag. The Ad Sock is also great on its own to attract a huge amount of attention to your location or event. The Ad Sock™ can be printed in 1-4 color or digitally printed using dye sublimation for the most vibrant colors around. In the past windsocks have been used to signify the relative speed of wind and the direction of the wind. The Ad Sock™ takes from this heritage and converts this ever popular product to a great advertising piece which cannot be missed. Also known as safety flag, windsock, air dancers

Contour Flags

Do you need to advertise in a unique way to stand out from the crowd? This is your solution because the Contour Flags™ can be cut to form almost any shape (cans, bottles, custom products, They can all be made into Contour Flags to set you apart from the competition. Another great benefit to the contour flag is they allow for tons of added branding area because they are wider than most conventional advertising flags. These are double-sided flags that display the insignia of your brand. They require high-quality hardware to generate optimum awareness about your brand. A unique shape attracts the attention of potential customers. They stand out of the crowd and are easily visible. Also known as contour cut flags, custom shaped flags

Giant Flag

If traditional flags have stopped bringing you customers it's time to go larger and install a Giant Flag in front of your business location. This approach will help in grabbing sight. These flags showcase the logo of your brand or any other thing that you want to be printed on a large scale. They have a huge branding surface and are very helpful to generate visibility to your business. Also known as: oversized flags, large flags

Flex Blade™ LED

Go public with the double-sided or single-sided printed Flex Blade LED Flag. These illuminated flags make sure that your business gets the right amount of foot traffic even after sunset. The flag sleeve is bordered by LED lights that stand out in any situation and any time of the day. Choose any shape and size of the flag to advertise your products and services. Custom flags aptly introduce your business to target customers by conveying the required message. Since the best grade of fabric is used to make the flags; you do not have to get anxious when the weather gets windy or rainy. Also known as LED flags, light up flags, and custom LED flags

Window Flag

Flex Blade Window Flags have a pole and a suction cup at the base to support them. They stick to any smooth surface and thanks to the framework, these flags are guaranteed to not bunch up or droop. They are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Also known as car flags, window banner

Now, you know about the varying types of customized advertising flags you can use to market your business among the masses! Get the highest quality flags and request a design to customize according to your requirements, simply call into your local sales representative!