10 Unique Types of Signs to Use Indoors

creative indoor signage solutions

Everyone knows that outdoor signage can be an effective way to bring attention to and promote your business. But your promotion shouldn’t end outside of your business’s front door. Expanding your signage to the great indoors can prove an invaluable sales tool. There are plenty of ways in which indoor signage can help increase sales, boost your business, and bolster your bottom line.

In this post, we’ll discuss 10 unique types of signs to use indoors. Reaching beyond just traditional signage options, we’ll discuss unique styles of signage which can help make an impression and convey information about your product to customers in an engaging and effective way. These indoor signs are bound to make an impression on customers and help boost business.

10 Unique Types of Signs to Use Indoors. Regardless of the type of business you run, chances are, you could get some good use out of these creative and innovative indoor signs. These are just a taste of the offerings; you can browse the full indoor signage collection on the Above All Advertising website.

  1. iPad holderiPad holder. We are living in the information age; let your signage reflect that and speak to your tech-savvy customers. An iPad holder acts as a unique type of interactive sign for your business. There are different options available, including a stand-alone sign or the visually attractive Viper-V display, which allows you to showcase type or an announcement on the holder.Easy to set up and display, the iPad can be programmed to educate customers about aspects of your business or can even provide interactive services or information. Regardless of what type of content you choose to offer on the iPad, one thing is for certain: it is going to attract the attention of passers-by.
  2. Sealed inflatablesSealed inflatables. Did you know that sealed inflatables, be they large or small, are proven to stimulate impulse purchases? They add visibility and appeal like no other type of point of sale display, bringing customers’ attention to the item you are promoting. It’s like taking the eye-catching power of an outdoor advertising inflatable and shrinking it to a size appropriate for indoors.Whether it’s an inflatable replica of a candy bar, a company mascot, or a new type of craft beer, these easy-to-display promotional items will command attention and bring eyes to the product or service you want to promote like nothing else.
  3. business Carpet graphicsCarpet graphics. Don’t let customers walk on by! Make an impression by creating promotional artwork that stops them in their tracks. By putting a custom image, logo, or slogan on a printable carpet, you’ll catch the eye of customers.This creative style of signage is not only engaging, but functional. You can create a carpet in any number of different colors and custom shapes, so you can really create something unique. Or perhaps you’ll create a wall-to-wall option for your business. The sky’s the limit!
  4. Event podiumEvent podium. Think podiums are only for airport customer service and political candidates? Think again. An event podium with a strong display graphic sends a message of authority and professionalism, and draws customers right to you.Easy to create using a large format print which is adhered to the podium, the final result is super professional and very functional. Use the podium to highlight a particular product, to have employees handing out samples or brochures, or to have someone answering questions.
  5. Rolling snap frameRolling snap frame. The rolling snap frame is a fantastic solution at an affordable price. You can easily change the display and roll the base out to various locations in your business for maximum impact. So whether you want to highlight a particular product or service or even a new type of payment plan, you’ll bring attention to it with high quality graphics in this slim, easy to display format.But wait, there’s more: this display is dual-sided, so you can display multiple graphics in one display format!
  6. Recyclable displayRecyclable display. Looking for a temporary display that doesn’t have a huge footprint? A recyclable display may be just the ticket. They can be customized to fit any number of different products and to fit in different parts of the store, whether you’re looking for an end cap display or a free-standing display unit to post near registers.

    These corrugated cardboard displays not only help showcase products but emphasize your commitment to the environment, which customers respect and gravitate toward.

  7. business Wall muralsWall murals. A wall mural makes a huge impact in your company space. Created using state of the art UV inks, these murals can be printed on a variety of different surfaces and in a huge array of sizes. Whether it’s on a wall in a retail store, in a public space such as a mall or business park, or displayed on pillars in front of your business, wall murals are eye catching and convey a professional air for your business.Promote specific products, services, or just your business in general in a big, splashy, attention-grabbing way.
  8. Display wallsDisplay walls. Display walls can be like a movable wall mural for your business. They can be used at trade shows, but can also be utilized as signage for your business during the off-season for trade shows.Easy to set up and impressive to behold, display walls are hugely popular for promoting businesses because of their visibility, versatility, and ability to be moved. Whether it’s a curved display wall or a collapsible display wall, display walls should be considered a great option for indoor signage.
  9. business Table throwsTable throws. This type of sign is simple, but infinitely effective. A table throw is a high quality tablecloth printed with professional graphics. It is functional and makes any table a selling surface. Designed to fit snugly over tables with no pins or clips needed, a table throw is a professional way to showcase your business while also making your display more beautiful and less temporary-looking.
  10. Floating magnetic signs
    Floating magnetic signs. Take customers to “how’d they do that?” to potential buyer with this engaging, attention-grabbing futuristic looking magnetic floating displays. A patent-pending magnetic technology allows objects to float in a magnetic field, so they appear to be defying gravity and floating through the air. A wide variety of objects can be displayed within the magnetic field, including but not limited to beer, wine, cell phones, collectibles, toys, and perfumes–just about anything weighing up to 12 ounces. You can take it to the next level by spotlighting the item with LED lights or by employing a rotating option on the sign. This awesome, high-tech signage will delight and engage customers of all ages!

Conclusion: Think outside of the advertising box with one of these unique signs to use indoors. Don’t let outdoors be where all of your flash is–keep customers fascinated once they enter your place of business, or use these indoor signs for your next indoor trade show or event.

What types of indoor signage do you use?

8 Ways to Promote Your Business with Inflatable Costumes

In today’s competitive advertising climate, you’ve got to get creative to get noticed. Inflatable costumes are a sure-fire way to get noticed, featuring cartoon-like figures in puffed up suits promoting your business. Inflatable costumes offer a creative and engaging way to promote your business and draw customers in. These costumes are not just for theme parks!

Evans premium Lager w/ hot chicks

An inflatable costume is a great opportunity to think outside of the box and have fun while promoting. Here, we’ll discuss 8 creative ways that inflatable costumes can be used to help promote your business, so that you can get an idea of the many ways in which they can bolster your bottom line.

Bobs Big Boy costumes

What are inflatable costumes?

Before we discuss how to use them for promotion, it may be helpful to step back and explain exactly what an inflatable costume is.

An inflatable costume is an advertising inflatable which is worn as a costume, making it a walking product that can help your business react on a personal level with people, and that can simultaneously leave a lasting impression. Creating a character within a promotional costume, you’ll get noticed at trade shows, sporting events, or even outside of your own business doors.

What makes an inflatable costume different from a typical Halloween-style costume is that it is fan powered and air-filled, so that the costume is puffed-out with cartoon-like dimensions. It’s like a parade float, but on the ground! These characters are a great way of getting attention and extremely memorable. Inflatable costumes come in different shapes, and can include mascots, all-over logos, the shape of a new product, or whatever you and your designer can dream up!

Are inflatable costumes complicated or uncomfortable? Another advantage of an inflatable costume is that it is easy to put on, as it is flat before the fan is turned on; all you have to do is put your feet inside of foot straps inside rubber soled shoes. Then, zip up the costume and turn on the fan! The costumes are lightweight, and the fan system constantly blowing air not only fills out the costume, but keeps the wearer cool. An inflatable costume is way cooler than a traditional fur or all-over rubber costume.

Additionally, the costumes are sturdy, so when people inevitably want to touch, hug, or interact with the costume, it will keep its shape and not deflate.
Captain Earth costumes

8 Ways to Promote Your Business with Inflatable Costumes. Here are just 10 out-of-the-box ways to use inflatable costumes to promote your business.

  • Create a mascot costume. Mascots are a powerful way to create brand recognition and to engage with the public (think of the Pillsbury Doughboy!). Creating a mascot for your company can create not only an opportunity for an inflatable costume but many other marketing opportunities. By having a suit of your mascot created, you can further the “story” of your advertising.
  • Create a general character that relates to your business. If a mascot doesn’t feel quite right, you can create a character that is not a mascot but that can represent your business. For instance, if you have a gym, you could get an inflatable costume of a muscular man to hand out flyers outside or show up at events. Evans premium Lager
  • Create a walking version of your product. As you can see by the above photo, an inflatable costume doesn’t have to be a mascot or specific character. You can create a blow-up version of your product that can walk around! The above inflatable costume is a beer bottle which makes for great photo ops.
  • Bring your inflatable costume to a trade show. Trade show aisles can be monotonous, and it can be hard to make yourself stand out. But if you have someone dressed in an inflatable costume, either walking in the aisle outside of your booth or working the aisles of the trade show and handing out cards, you’ll make yourself extremely visible extremely fast. People will immediately be drawn to your business as a fun and eye-catching booth to visit. Plus, inflatable costumes pack flat and are extremely portable!
  • Take your business to a festival. Consider having a booth or kiosk at an outdoor festival, concert, or street fair. By having someone dressed in an inflatable costume, you’ll stand out in the crowd and draw people in. The more people who come over to inquire, the more potential customers that you have exposed to your business!
  • Consider a sporting event. Sporting events, be they large scale or small scale local affairs, are great places to put your inflatable costume to work. Perhaps you sponsor an inflatable costume that acts as a mascot for the team but bears your branding, or perhaps you just have someone wearing your costume and handing out brochures or accompanying someone who can add people to your mailing list. Chilrens Panadol
  • Draw in customers from the street with an inflatable costume. If you dress someone up in an inflatable costume and put them on the sidewalk or in front of your business, you’ll attract passers-by, both people walking and driving by. The novelty of an inflatable costume will make people who have driven past your business hundreds of times stop to take notice. Who knows–this might be the day that they need your service!
  • Create a promotion or hashtag using your inflatable costume. People love taking photos with themselves with an inflatable costume. Urge them to use your hashtag or tag you on Instagram or Facebook–that will get you more of a social media following and can result in an increase in customers, too!

Conclusion: Inflatable costumes can be a fun, eye-catching, and engaging way to promote your business to the public. There is a charming novelty to the costumes, but it can translate into real sales. By breaking the ice with something people don’t see every day, they will get to know your business on a positive note and will associate you with fun and innovation. That makes inflatable costumes well worth the investment, and a fun way for you to invest in your business!

Have you ever used an inflatable costume?

How can your Business Catch the Eye in a 10 Foot Trade Show Booth?

So, you want to set up a booth at a trade show. That’s a great idea. But, have you given a thought to the booth you are going to use as an exhibit? Let’s say that you chose a 10 foot portable booth for exhibiting your products. Now, the thing is, yours won’t be the only exhibit in the show. In fact, there might be bigger portable trade show booths in the area. With so much competition around, you must order a booth, which is bound to grab the attention of people in the vicinity.

This blog delves into the things you can do to make your exhibit stand out in a crowd.

Portable Trade Show Booth

# Send your best staff

Agree or not, a 10 foot booth does not offer much space. You need to promote your products with minimum resource. In such circumstances, you cannot afford to send someone with less experience or someone who can hardly communicate properly.

Make sure that your resource is well aware of the products you are advertising and also the benefits of using them. In the event that you are exhibiting among a regional audience base, you should send someone who is acquainted with the local people and can convince them to make a purchase.

A very important thing to keep in mind in this aspect is the duration of the show. Make sure that there are at least 2 employees representing your company from time-to-time. Otherwise, it will convey a bad impression about your company. You don’t want people to think that there is only one staff in your company. Do you?

Portable Trade Show Booths

Moreover, there is something called humanity. One staff would get famished and tired after sitting at the same place for hours attending to visitors. And, no points for guessing that a tired staff can do more harm than good to the marketing of your business. Other portable trade show booths will happily claim clients while your staff takes time to relax and refresh.

# Bang on with the greatest design

Design is the first thing that attracts audiences to your site. So, make your 10 foot booth look like the belle of the party. Use bold colors, dynamic graphics and appealing images. As far as content is concerned, you need to boil down your marketing message to just the basics and write it down in attention grabbing words.

Portable Trade-Show Booths

Another important point to keep in mind as far as the layout of the booth is concerned is that it should not be cluttered with products or images. Keep it nice and tidy, so that it does not hinder movement of people visiting the show. You won’t create a positive impression if it does.

# Promote your company with confidence

Be aggressive. That is the first and last thing to successful promotion. Heighten the discount rates only for the trade show, keep giveaways near the aisle and be ready to talk to visitors.

Remember, the show is a place where you can make an impression. So gear up and advertise your products in a such a manner that your 10 foot exhibit gives tough competition to all other portable trade show booths in the aisle. As far as traffic is concerned, just wait and watch.

10 Supplies You Don’t Even Know You Need For Trade Shows And Events

When it comes to trade shows and events, there are certain things that everyone knows you need for your display, such as a booth or tent, displays, signage, and business cards. But there are other supplies that most people don’t think about, including air pumps, floor coverings, and lighting fixtures, which can make the difference between a professional booth and one that comes off as amateur.

trade show events

This post is dedicated to those underdog supplies: the handy little things that you didn’t even know you needed, but that will help you attain trade show success in subtle ways. We’ll introduce each supply individually, and then discuss how it can help boost your trade show experience!

Will I need all of these things? Not necessarily. There are many factors that will affect which of these supplies you need for trade shows, including the setting of the show, the type of displays you have in place in your booth. Some exhibitors might need all of these items; others may just need one or two. But it’s worth taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with these items, so that you can be aware of them as your business grows and as your trade show and event displays expand.

10 Supplies You Don’t Even Know You Need for Trade Shows

Here, we’ll delve into the ten supplies you didn’t even know you needed, and describe how they can benefit your booth or to help promote your business at your next event!

LED Clamp lights

  • LED Clamp lights. Eye-catching LED clamp lights can clip on to tents, umbrellas, or inflatable totems for extra impact. Not only will they bring attention to your business’s display, but they can illuminate your offerings. With quick installation, this is an easy way to draw attention to your business in a trade show setting that allows for flashy displays, or in an outdoor setting where a little bit of flair is needed to create an impact.

3-prong platform

  • 3-prong platform. If you’re displaying a flag to draw attention to your business at a trade show or outdoor market, this platform will ensure that your flag stays put with a non-slip locking mechanism. Lightweight and easy to transport, a platform is a very handy accessory to help make your display sparkle and reduce worry about your display blowing away or being jostled.

Air pump or blower

  • Air pump or blower. If you have inflatable display items, you’ll absolutely need an air pump or a blower. Above All Advertising offers a variety of different pumps and blowers to fill different types of displays, from powerful cold air fans to keep cold-air inflatables full and filled-out, to air pumps to fill inflatables which will remain static in one position. When your inflatable displays are in good working order, they will have the most impact.

Angled wall mounts

  • Angled wall mounts: If mounting flags or signage, you’ll need angled wall mounts, angled at 35 degrees, to create a professional effect and allow them to hang just the right and most visible angle. These mounts are made of steel for years of long-lasting use, and can be used. Mount is made of steel to provide a strong display that is durable for years of use. These versatile mounts are a great investment for retail stores, restaurants, or homes, as well.

trade show custom mats

  • Floor mat: Trade show floors are rarely things of beauty. A custom floor mat can really increase your booth appeal, and bring positive attention to your business. To make these custom mats, designs are first printed on paper and then transferred to the mat’s surface, for a beautiful, vibrant finished image in exactly the colors you desire. In addition to adding beauty to your booth, it’s also functional and will create a comfortable surface for customers to walk on.

trade show Carry bags

  • Carry bags: Assembly will be a snap when you have poles and tents packed in easy to tote bags. Carrying cases for poles and tents not only help with easy setup, but help ensure that you pack efficiently and don’t forget a single thing.

Tote bags

  • Tote bags: If you’re taking orders or selling products at an event or trade show, tote bags are an amazing way to show customer appreciation and promote your business within the show. It’s a guarantee that halfway through the first day of the show or event, people will begin approaching your business to see where all of those cool totes are coming from!

Brochure holder

  • Brochure holder: Keep ad materials in an easy to access spot with a brochure holder! Having a unit dedicated completely to brochures, business cards, and ad materials will make it easy for people to pick up your information even if just grazing by your booth. By offering your ad materials from a cool, striking structure like this aluminum folding brochure stand, you’re bound to garner the interest of new customers.

Ball bearing platform or stake

Hard case advertising wrap

  • Hard case advertising wrap. These transporting cases turn into advertisements when printed with your logo and branded designs. By promoting your service on these sturdy cases, you will expose your business to a whole new clientele.

Conclusion: What defines a professional trade show or event booth? It’s all in the details. The accessory items and supplies featured in this post can be the difference between an amateur and professional showing at your next event. Taking the time to familiarize these products will help you figure out how to further refine your display for your next trade show! Be sure to check out all of the accessories available on the Above All Advertising website.

What items do you consider vital for events and trade shows?

5 Reasons You Need A Graphic Designer

Have you considered looking to expand your marketing materials for a business? Most small business owners have to cut corners and do work themselves. But there are only so many hours in a day to become an expert in all areas of running a business. When you’re considering making the next leap and hire a professional graphic designer, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind.

hiring a designer

Make an impression with the right graphics and the right marketing materials to help you get your business off the ground. Don’t start your business off on the wrong foot. Improve your image, stand out from the rest of the pack. The right designer will accommodate your budget and prioritize items you need to consider as your company grows.

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5 Ways to make the Most of Portable Trade Booths

Do you want to display your products at a trade show? Well, a trade show can take your business to a large audience base and also help to increase your visibility. However, have you thought how to participate in the trade show? One of the most convenient ways to exhibit your offerings in a trade show is to use portable trade show booths. They are light, foldable and easy to carry.

Portable Trade Show Booths

This blog tells us how to leverage a portable booth.

# Hit the mark with high brand visibility

The first thing that your trade show booth can do is build your brand. Order a sturdy and durable booth from a reliable booth designing company. The designers will know which type of material can exhibit your brand in the most appealing way and also last for years. You need to be aware of the fact that you will have several competitors at the show. Therefore, your booth should be attractive and grab attention from a distance.

# Use perfect colors

The appeal of a booth increases when you opt for the ideal color combination. Not only the material, but the color combination should also be catchy and efficiently represent your business. You can match the colors on the booth’s body with the logo of your business. But, make sure that you do not opt for too bright colors as they may look cheap especially, if the show is organized in the morning.
Portable Trade Show Booth

# Make your guests comfortable

After you have attracted visitors to your portable trade show booths, it is time to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Make the sit and tell them about your products. You can also demonstrate their use to the visitors. Tell them the benefits of using your products and the after-sales services you offer. A multi-utility booth can give your visitors the convenience to take their time and make their decisions regarding their choices.

# Keep it spacious

You must order a booth that is being enough to hold you, your employees and two guests at a time. You don’t expect to entertain your visitors single handedly. Do you? To tell the truth, that is an out of the world expectation. To make your marketing plan more fruitful, you can take the help of employees at your organization. It is better to bring experienced employees who are well aware of the products and your organization’s policies.

Portable Trade-Show Booths

# Use videos

In order that your visitors stay at your booth for a longer span of time and learn what you offer in details, you can install a video inside the booth. The video can showcase your products and demonstrate how to use them. Keep the videos small and effective, so that your visitors do not get bored.

Quality portable trade show booths can be your key to success. They can not only attract qualified visitors, but also make them stay. The booths, if put to proper use can offer you no lesser service than a store. So, order one and watch your visibility and sales skyrocketing.

9 Reasons Why You Need a Graphic Designer to Create Your Signage and Beyond

Everyone wants great signage for their business. After all, signs are often a potential customer’s first exposure to of your business, so you want to make a good impression. But how can you create a sign that reflects your company’s style and culture and also looks great? The answer is easy: hire a graphic designer.

The idea of hiring a graphic designer might sound scary or at the very least expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiring a design professional can help you create the right branding for your business; from there, Above All Advertising can help with actual graphic design services of your sign, assisting with layout and even sending you a proof to review, free of charge. A well-designed sign projects a professional image to the world, and draws in customers. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment to hire a graphic designer to help you with your design.

What is a graphic designer? If you have a cousin or friend who is “artsy”, you might be tempted to hire them to create a logo. However, just because someone is artistic does not make them a graphic designer.

According to Sokanu, “A graphic designer is someone who creates visual concepts, by hand or by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They help to make an organization recognizable by selecting color, images, or logo designs that represent a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and promotions.”

While a graphic designer might be an illustrator or a painter, too, just because someone paints or illustrates does not make them a graphic designer. Graphic designers are specifically trained in creating visual concepts, including imagery, type, and color.

9 Reasons Why You Need a Graphic Designer to Create Your Signage and Beyond. An explanation of each reason and why a graphic designer can help.

  1. They can make your sign beautiful. A graphic designer’s job is to organize images and type in a way that makes sense, makes a visual impact, and (ideally) looks beautiful. The graphic designer’s knowledge of color, style, and how to use images to make an impact is probably going to be a lot better than what you could create in Microsoft Paint.
  2. They can help you create a corporate identity. A graphic designer can help with more than just signage solutions: they can help you create a corporate identity and branding. By creating a logo and style, they can make your business recognizable to the public.
  3. Their work can expose your company to a new clientele. With a well designed logo, your company may be suddenly appealing to people that you didn’t even realize were potential customers. People respond to design, sometimes without even knowing why, and if they gravitate toward a design, they will already like your business before they even set foot in the door or consult you.
  4. They can work with a web designer to create your site. Another aspect that can be confusing about graphic designers is that they are not web designers. However, graphics can work along with a web designer to create a website for you. The graphic designer will create the look; the web designer has the know-how to make it work and function. With a graphic designer working in tandem with a web designer, your site will function well and look great.
  5. They understand print versus web colors. Graphic designers have a strong grip on print versus web colors, and know how to adjust the colors of files so that they will print as desired. Many a non-graphic designer has been known to upload files that look great on the web, but look drab and sad once printed on signage. A graphic designer understands how to make colors look vibrant both on and off screen, so your design will look great on a computer screen and on a real, live, printed sign.
  6. They understand file types. Deciphering the file types requested for various signage products can be confusing: what’s the difference between a .png and a .pdf, and why does it matter? While to you it might all seem the same, it doesn’t always equal the same when creating and printing a sign. A graphic designer will be able to handle this part for you, so that you can remain blissfully unaware of the many different file types.
  7. They know how to use templates. Often, signage and promotional products will require that a design adhere to certain size and file type stipulations within a template. This helps the printer make the product uniform, and it helps the designer to create a design that will fit within the product’s size parameters. A graphic designer will be able to work with a variety of templates to create appropriately-sized imagery for your sign needs.
  8. They know how to format your logo on a variety of products. A graphic designer can help you with more than just your signage. Once they have created your logo and branding identity, it can be carried over to a number of different products, from trade show booth items to swag to business cards and ad materials so that you can have a seamless, consistent look with all of your advertising materials.
  9. They can vectorize art. If you have a piece of art that you want to use as a logo, it has to be vectorized (turned into a language computers can read). A graphic designer can do this for you, and it is a service available via Above All Plus.

Conclusion: Hiring a graphic designer can be an expense for a business, but it is a wise investment. A graphic designer can help you hone your image and project your business the world in a polished, professional way. After all, if a customer’s first contact with your business is through your signage and branding, it’s well worth investing in a beautiful design created by someone who knows what they are doing; effective branding can lead to recognition that can drive sales.

Do you work with a graphic designer?

5 Winning Benefits of Advertising Balloons

As sports wear business owner, you should know how important it is to stay ahead of your competitors. A little negligence in your marketing strategies and your rivals rush in replace you. There are many ways to advertise your business among the target audience. One of the most effective techniques to market your sports wear business is to use an advertising balloon. In this blog, we are going to discuss how advertising balloons can offer you greater reach and visibility among your target audience. Balloons for Advertising

Let’s check out the following benefits

  1. Attract attention with a bigger display
    An advertising balloon with the name of your brand can do wonders to the success of your business. People can see the name of your brand from a distance and if anyone needs any sports wear, he or she can visit your store. You can approach an efficient advertising balloon designing company to order in bulk. You can opt for various sizes of balloons as per your requirements. The bigger the size of the balloon, the better it is for the success of your business.
  2. Set up anywhere
    The good thing about advertising balloons is that they can be set up at any place. If you install helium balloons, you can rest assured that they will be clearly visible from a distance. Helium balloons can fly as high as 150 feet from the point of anchorage. advertising ballonIf there is an upcoming tournament in your locality, you can install advertising balloon near schools, colleges, stadium, parks and side of the roads. However, you have to make sure that you are not occupying residential areas. You should also remove the balloons once the tournament is over, lest the authorities rail at you and hand you a notice.
  3. Make the most of their durability
    Hot air balloons are made of strong fabric that can resist heavy rain, wind and ultraviolet rays of the sun. A standard hot air balloon can stay intact for 7 days at a stretch. If you want to increase their longevity, you can bring them indoors when you see the horizon gathering dark clouds. Sorry, can’t help you with the sun, though.
  4. Reach out with useful information advertising balloons
    A designer can print your balloons as per your instructions. In order to reach out to a higher range of audience, you should ask the designer to print relevant information on the balloon. If you think that printing just the name of your brand can fetch footfalls to your store, you need to think a little more. Ask the designer to add your business logo, website URL, contact number and address of your store. How else do you think your target audience can reach your store?
  5. Appeal with colorful prints
    The balloon should have an attractive color, which should aptly match the color of your logo. The information on the balloon about your company should be printed in bright colors, so that they grab attention from afar. You can opt for both hand art and digital prints. Know more at: http://www.abovealladvertising.net/

Advertising balloons can help you gain an edge over your competitors. You should hire a balloon designing company to advertise your brand successfully.

Trade Show 101: What You Need For Your Booth

It’s easy to take a trade show booth for granted. After all, all that you’ll need is a table for taking orders and a place to showcase your products or literature, right? Not quite: there’s quite a bit of work that goes into an effective trade show booth.

Even the simplest of trade show booths require a significant amount of planning, from choosing the location of the booth to planning what type of signage will be best suited for the show. From planning out what to bring to how to showcase it, this can become a full-time job for one employee, or add significant part-time duties to several employees’ job descriptions. This article is intended to take some of the confusion out of trade show planning by detailing some of the basic steps and items you’ll need to create a great trade show booth.

What is a trade show booth? First, let’s briefly discuss what a trade show booth is, exactly.
A trade show is defined by Entrepreneur.com as “An exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services.”

Trade shows take place in all sorts of places and all sorts of settings, from exhibit halls to hotel lobbies to even outdoor settings. The way in which companies are organized within the trade show is by booths, which are set up in a mapped-out, finite space. Booths may be set up to some degree: there may be walls dividing spaces, or tents set up. However, it is ultimately the vendor’s responsibility to decorate the booth and fill it with their products or ad materials detailing their services.

Before the show: buying a booth. You don’t just show up at a trade show and rent a booth; you reserve it in advance. For those who have never purchased a trade show booth space, or if you’ve purchased booths before but may need a little help in the future, these are some important things to consider about your booth in a trade show.

  • How much is the booth? This may seem like an obvious question, but it can be trickier than it sounds. Inquire not only about the cost of the booth, but about any added expenses that you may be responsible for, including electricity, wifi, or lighting. What seems like a great booth rate may become a lot more of an investment when you start tacking on these extras.
  • How large is your booth? What are the measurements of the booth? A 12×12 foot space will require much different signage and fixtures than a 5×5 foot space or a 20×20 foot space. It’s very important to know the size of the booth before you pursue a trade show.
  • Where is the booth? Physically, where is the booth? Is it near the entrance, or is it tucked away by the restrooms? Be sure to ask the organizers to see a map of the show floor, and where your booth would be located.
  • What exhibitors have already reserved? Ask about who has already reserved space, and where they will be. You don’t want to be right next to a similar business to you, as you will add unnecessary competition to the mix.
  • What is the trade show’s setting? Is the trade show in a large expo center, or in a sunny outdoor park, where you will need a tent? Knowing what environmental restrictions may be in place can help you plan your booth.
  • What is the show’s anticipated traffic? Unless it is a brand new trade show, the organizers should have some data to share about the show’s traffic in previous years, including how many people attended, and some demographic information. This can help you decide if the show is right for you, and to help plan how you showcase your wares.

Planning your booth. Once you’ve booked your booth, the real work begins. While every business’s needs at a trade show will differ slightly, this is a great starting list of items to bring. Adjust based on your needs.

  • Backdrop: Whether it’s a modular shelving unit or a simple black wall, you’ll need some sort of a backdrop or walls for your booth. This is not only to divide it from the booths next to you, but also to create a canvas upon which you can display signage or materials.
  • Displays: Displays can be as simple as a shelf or table to showcase your products or literature, or as advanced as banner stands and inflatable furniture. The size of your booth and style of the show can help you decide what types of displays are right for you.
  • Signage: You’ll need signage for your booth. This will help customers identify who you are, and also to draw customers in from the aisles. Use bright, upbeat, well designed and quality printed signage.
  • Products: If your company makes a product or products, you’ll need samples to show customers. You probably don’t need one of everything, but a good variety plus images of any other items are helpful. This won’t be as necessary for a business that offers services, but photos and literature on the services will be necessary.
  • Swag: Trade show swag can be a powerful marketing tool. Swag can be any number of trinkets or office items branded with your company info that can help customers remember you after the trade show. Check out our guide to trade show swag.
  • Employees: You’ll need employees to be working in the booth. Be sure to have plenty of able bodies on hand so that they can work in shifts and that everyone gets fair lunch and bathroom breaks, and that there are enough people to help multiple potential clients.
  • Office items: Bring plenty of pens, paper, order forms, and clipboards. These can be obtained locally, but it’s easier to bring your own. Bring more than you think you need, as particularly pens seem to disappear.
  • Marketing / ad materials: From business cards to brochures, be sure to bring a lot of ad materials so that people can remember your business and why they should work with you.
  • Table and chairs: While not necessary in all cases, if you have a large booth or anticipate consulting or taking time consuming orders, it is nice to offer a table and chairs for your customers.
  • Water: Be sure to bring plenty of water. A trade show can be demanding, physically, and you don’t want employees getting dehydrated.

Conclusion: Even a simple trade show booth requires a lot of thought and planning. The sooner you begin planning, the less stressful the process can be, allowing for a functional, well-stocked booth. A planned booth will streamline the process, allowing you the time and energy to be free to promote your business at the show.

Have you ever planned a trade show booth?