Feather Flags: Old School Yet Useful

The world of advertising is abundant with a variety of promotional banners, amidst which feather flags are one of the most popular ones. These are readily available to business owners and marketers who aim at making their ad campaign more robust.

Feather flags are not something that is new to the market; they have been there since years, but it is only now that they have become so prominent and in-demand. This is because of the fact that marketing has never been so outrageous as it is nowadays. Marketers, now take promotional banners as one of the greatest forms of portable advertising mediums.

Promotional flags can be a powerful marketing strategy

A powerful marketing strategy is what is needed to take your brand to the potential clients. An efficient marketing campaign can not only attract the desired eyeballs but also improve your reputation in the market as well. Promotional banners have become popular because of its effective and eye-catching nature. It is so attention-drawing that, it is actually quite hard for it to fail as a marketing medium. This is the best form of outdoor advertisement that you can use in windy weathers. While other forms of outdoor ads stand a chance of getting torn in such environments, feather banners excel in the same.

feather flagsWhat are feather flags?

These are promotional banners that are made of lightweight fabrics like vinyl, polyester, nylon or any other waterproof material that can wave easily and can be washed as well.

Promotional banners often come in unique designs, colours, sizes and shapes. They can be installed on aluminum poles with a height of standard vision, so that there is no need to look up to locate them. For the purpose of security the flag and the pole are placed on a stable base.

How effective are the promotional flags?

Feather flags are great choices for advertising your brand at sporting events, fund raising events, fairs and festivals, public gatherings and business conferences. They instantly grab the attention of the passing people, thus, taking your brand to several new minds.

Thanks to its wide visibility, promotional banners are quite eye-catching. People get to notice them even from a distance. They sway beautifully in the wind with your company name and logo printed on them, thus, making it stand out amidst the other ads that may be there.

Feather flags do not face the problem that is faced by other standard flags. While the latter can get flapped by strong winds, thus, making your ad invisible to people; the former is more adaptable to stronger wind. They are vertically attached to the pole, and are steadied by flagpole accessories, which makes it flap less when gusty wind pass by.

How to make the best use of these flags?

Just like any other forms of ad, this one too needs to be placed in the right place and the right time, to let it shine as a marketing medium. Feather flags are cheap and efficient; make the best use of them to take your brand to as many people as possible.

Why Use Advertising Inflatables for Business Promotion?

Business promotion is the key to attract potential customers and companies use different tools and techniques to grab the attention of customers. There are mainly two types of marketing techniques-online and offline. Online marketing is gaining huge popularity these days and more and more people are using computers, smartphones and tabs, but when it comes to memorability, you need to invest in offline marketing. A dynamic ad lasts only for 30 seconds, but a billboard stays at the same spot for several months. So, the question is, how should you promote your business without taking help of internet? Brochures and banner ads are outdated and used by many advertisers. If you want to try something unique, then advertising inflatables are your ideal solution. Inflatable advertising items are large, flaunt a unique look and can be used by all types of businesses. Let’s find out some of the unique advantages of advertising inflatables.

advertising inflatables# It is unconventional: Unlike other offline marketing mediums, inflatable items are not over exposed. People still get surprised when they see a giant product replica and that surprising factor is the key to register a product/service in a consumers’ mind.

# Size does matter: You can get the advertising inflatables in various sizes as per your requirements. In fact, an inflatable advertisement can be as tall as 24 feet. As these are made in three dimensions, they look very real and grab the viewers’ attention.

inflatable advertising# Reusable: Unlike banners and billboards, you can easily store a giant product replica or a costume. Just deflate the item and it will reduce in size. So, if you go to various trade fairs or business events, you can use the same advertising material to various places.

# Cheap: If you have designed a brochure or rented a billboard before, then you know how much money these things cost. On the contrary, advertising inflatables are easily affordable. Moreover, inflatables last for a long time and thus, the return on investment is really impressive.

inflatable products# Place it anywhere: The reach of inflatables is astonishing. You can literally place them anywhere for business promotion. Dust, water and heat do not damage the appeal of your marketing tool. For example, you can order for a large ball with your brand logo on it and place it in the pool during a water polo competition to promote your sportswear brand. Similarly, you can hover a helium blimp over a sports stadium to give your brand the maximum exposure. Thousands of people in the stadium will be able to see it from all directions.

# Get them in different shapes: Just take a look at any famous advertising inflatable supplier’s portfolio and you will find more than enough options. You can get anything from large costumes to product replica and furniture to tents at budget friendly rates. The design, colour, text can be customized as per your recommendations. No other marketing tool gives you this much freedom.

If you have never used advertising inflatables before, then this is the right time to invest in them. Your target audience will love them and as a result, your business will grow rapidly.

Why Should You Use Custom Truck Wraps Advertising?

Custom truck wraps is a very effective strategy for marketing. It is a form of advertising that is sure to get you more band for your buck. Wondering why? Well, the answer is with truck or other vehicle wraps, you need to invest just once and then your business will keep on getting exposure for as long as the vehicle is used. Great, isn’t it? Just one time investment and an indefinite period of advertisement. Are you thinking that the ad may wear out? Do not worry because such ads stay absolutely intact for at least 5 years on an average, meaning your investment will continue paying you for the next five years at least.

Advertising on vehicles also makes a great first impression, striking the mind of your target audience like you want. In fact, it is one of the best ways to have a memorable ad campaign for spreading the message of your business.

custom truck wrapsHere’s why you should not give vehicle wraps a miss:

  • Attention grabbing

A giant vehicle wrap is bound to attract the attention of each and every passer by. They may not pay much attention to a regular truck passing, but whenever it has a well-designed, bright and colorful advertisement attached to it, people are bound to notice it and not forget it soon.

  • Reach a much wider base of audience

Depending on how many vehicles you have decided to advertise on, and how often they travel and how far, you can take your product or services to innumerable number of people every month. In fact, custom truck wraps is one form of marketing that can take your business to the widest base of audience, than any form of marketing can do. Research says that businesses often get more customers than they manage to do from their own sites.

custom fleet wraps

  • Non-Aggressive marketing

Unlike print and radio advertisements, truck wrap ads do not create any disturbance in attracting attention. It allows potential customers to spot your ad without any significant distraction from what they were already doing. Consumers have been found to respond better to ads that does not have an ‘in-your-face’ approach. People often like striking vehicle advertisements and do not mind the ads in any way.

  • Get mobile

Truck wrap ads goes into the view of your potential customers, rather than waiting for them to notice your advertisement, as it happens in newspapers and TV commercials. So, with these ads you can non-intrusively, reach out to consumers on the roads. You can say that the benefits of mobile exposure are almost endless.

custom car covers

  • Affordable

Unlike in case of billboards that have consistent recurring costs for as long as your market, vehicle wraps involve only one-time investment and the benefits can be enjoyed for as long as the vehicle is working.

  • Local Advertising

Vehicle wraps are more targeted because you are advertising for a local market. The people who view your ads are mostly the people of your area. Hence, you get to narrow down your marketing to your locality, thus, making more business there.

Custom truck wraps for services, sales and delivery vehicles are indeed, very powerful marketing and branding tools.

Retractable banner stand for innovative publicity

Banners are perennial favorites of advertisers and marketers. This traditional printed marketing tool is universally used indoors as well as outdoors to increase visibility. This convenient marketing tool could be hung or erected in open areas, displayed in exhibition halls, or erected on a retractable banner stand in front of your kiosk. Banners could be of varying sizes and mounted on different kinds of frames as per your exact requirement.

Emergence of different kinds of banners

Banners have undergone several changes over the years. Earlier, cotton, satin, organza and canvas were used extensively. These were replaced by nylon and polyester for their lighter weight and easier availability. Presently, vinyl banners are most popular and are used universally for all categories. Vinyl is light in weight, water resistant, easy to print on and convenient to erect and dismantle. These could also be stored over longer periods for subsequent use.

Vinyl is preferred over other substances because of it ability to adapt to different types of printing. These are compatible with digital printers and could be cut into customized sizes. As they are flexible they could be rolled or folded as per your requirement. This material is available in categories of 10oz., 13oz., 16oz., and 18oz. Among these 16oz. variety is ideal for a retractable banner stand. This being on the heavier side does not curl even when the edges are not sewn, fused, or welded.

retractable banner standFeatures of retractable banners

These banners are normally in form of roll ups or pull ups. They are easy to erect, roll in and carry. As the material used is made of vinyl the print quality stays intact for a long time. Though these vinyl printed material could of different heights and width, they are usually restricted to a height of 96 inches and width of 33 inches. Even after repeated use, your vinyl print out remains as good as new. Customization is another outstanding feature of this form of display.

Tips for choosing

These stands could be chosen according to your need. Normally two variants are available: floor and table. Floor types could be put up inside exhibition halls, outside shop rooms, and at entrances of showrooms. Table top type might be displayed inside shop windows, small office spaces, and on shop room counters. Normally, banner designers always prepare a sample before making a final imprint. You must always insists on these proofs before finalizing an order.

In case, your publicity material is placed inside the middle of a hall or a room, a dual-sided matter could be opted. This enables an omnidirectional view of your placard. Although putting up and dismantling of these are easy, it is advisable to seek professional advice in the initial stages.

If these point of sales materials are date or venue specific, you need to be careful about not using them in other places and in different dates. You must always remember that a retractable banner stand is meant to impress prospective buyers and motivate them in using your product or service.

Benefits of Having Inflatable Event Tents As An Advertising Medium

Inflatable event tents is a great way of advertising your business. Low in expenses, these tents have been found to be great at grabbing attention of the target audience, thus, building brand awareness. An inflatable tent is basically a large balloon like thing that needs cold air to be pumped in for inflating them, giving them the shape of a tent.

Such inflatable tents are generally made of nylon or similar fabric for making it highly durable. These advertising objects are also known as advertising blimps that are extremely affordable methods of grabbing eyeballs of passers-by and converting prospects into customers. The little money that you invest in this form of advertising can be soon regained from the business that it gets you.

inflatable tentInflatable tents can be a great way of advertising your products and services outdoors, like, at conferences, business meets, food festivals, carnivals, trade shows, etc. An inflatable tent with your business logo is a great way of grabbing the attention of visitors. It is a medium that captures the excitement of the individuals that is very hard to replicate, developing a frame of mind that is receptive of what you have to say.

Advertising on inflatable event tents instantly grabs the attention of your prospective customers, thus, getting your message across in their minds, in a clear and precise manner. Available in various shapes, sizes and colours, this advertising medium can be the best choice for outdoor publicity for the following benefits:

  • Tents are quite inexpensive. They can be bought at a very meagre sum, the cost of which can be easily recovered.
  • It is capable of attracting the attention of the people from quite a distance.
  • You get a reduced recurring cost of advertising, because they are long lasting, serving its purpose for quite a long time.
  • You can also get them easily on rent.

event tentNow that we have discussed the general benefits of inflated tents as a medium of publicity, let’s have a look at how can it benefit your business at a trade show. This is being discussed separately, because, trade shows are occasions where tent-advertisement is most popularly used.

Given the fact that trade shows attract huge crowd, any ordinary signage or display can easily fade into insignificance. Hence, the use of inflatable tents.

Following are three of the greatest benefits of using tent-advertisement:

  • It can stand clear and tall, visible to all the visitors at a fair-ground with any issues even at night, when there’s less light. As a result, people cannot help but notice your brand and get attracted to it, if they are prospects.
  • It can get a passerby involved with the displays of your tent, thus, drawing them to your booth. Once they come in, make sure they are converted from prospects to customers. Introduce the brand clearly and tell them everything they want to know about it.
  • Packing it up is very easy. It takes only a few minutes, saving a lot of time and energy at the end of the day.

Event tents are indeed a great choice. Make use of them the next time you plan to advertise outdoors.

Why Should You Use Advertising Flags As A Medium of Brand Promotion?

The one thing that makes an advertising medium a good one, is its capability to draw attention, and this is exactly where advertising flags score high. The waving banners actually do create quite an impression on your prospective buyers. It feels like a hand signal, calling at people, trying to draw their attention.

Promotional flags were once one of the staple advertising mediums for store owners, trying to grab attention of the passing people. However, you need to make sure that your banners are attractive enough, otherwise, they won’t be serving their purpose. Here are a few examples, that can inspire you to use your promotional banners creatively:

  • You can display your banners down the street or around the corner of your outlet, using them to promote an attractive discount or a sale. If you manage to do this right, you can easily make your prospective customers curious enough to come to your store and find out what is it that you have got to offer.
  • You can use promotional flags inside your store for the purpose of promoting special offers, your website, new products, free-gift wrapping, a contest and other value-added offers.
  • You can get yourself some huge banners made in order to grab the attention of the passing car drivers.
  • You can use them at special events like trade fairs, business conferences, etc., or display them at shopping malls or anywhere else, where you are likely to get several target audience.

advertising flagsBenefits of advertising flags:

The benefits of promotional flags are many. These benefits may be obvious to you or surprising, but they are reasons enough to consider the inclusion of banners in your advertising campaign.

Grab the desired attention

The best thing about flags is that they are great at grabbing eyeballs. The property that results in this, is that flags wave constantly, drawing the attention of people. Once you manage to draw the attention, you actually stand a greater chance to convert the onlooker into your customer.

Flags are inexpensive

You can get banners done for your business at really affordable rates, thus, making it a good choice for small businesses that cannot afford to invest huge amount of money in advertising, but need to draw the attention of the target audience. Banners are indeed much more affordable as compared to other advertising mediums. It forms a very helpful medium for maximizing success in business without having to spend too much.

Different options to choose from

Flags come in various shapes and sizes. They can be designed in whatever way you want and you can put in any kind of text you want. Designing it in your own way ensures that it clearly expresses your ideas. All you need to do is develop a good message, and a banner makes sure that it reaches the people you want to.

So, using advertising flags comes with several benefits, but not in return of a huge price. Make use of the medium and see your business flourish.

What Are the Benefits of Using Inflatable Advertising Materials

Successful advertising is important for making people aware of your products/services and generating leads. As there are many companies in the market selling the same items, you have to differentiate your offerings from others by highlighting their USPs. With the help of ads, you not only tell people what you are selling, you give them reasons to buy and moreover, establish your brand image in the market. One of the main reasons for advertising is brand building, because consumers willingly pay any amount when they buy something from a “brand”, not just a company. When it comes to promoting products and reflecting the brand image of a business, many options come to our mind like banners, billboards and leaflets, but none is more impacting than advertising inflatable items. They give you a great way to stand out from your competitors.

Take them anywhere: With the help of inflatable advertising materials you can promote your brand in those places where conventional form of ads like billboards and leaflets are not that effective. For example, if there is a volleyball competition going at a nearby beach, you can create a giant inflatable product replica and install it at the venue to give your brand a huge exposure. As the advertising inflatable items don’t get affected under bright sunlight or rain, you can use them in hot and humid conditions without any concern.

inflatable advertisingMake your brand memorable: Most people consider inflatables playful and funny. It takes them back to their school days when they used to go to fairs with their parents and loved those giant air filled promotional items. You can design the inflatable items in any color and thus, it is a good idea to use your brand color. You can also imprint the brand logo to make them more memorable.

Visibility: Giant inflatables can’t be missed by even toddlers. An inflatable product replica or brand mascot can be as high as 11 feet. Even if your business is located in a crowded space, nobody can miss such giant things. People can see them from a long distance and distinguish your location in a trade fair or sporting event.

Can be used repeatedly: Unlike billboards and newspaper ads, it is one time investment. You can’t shift billboards from one place to another, but giant inflatables are re-usable. You can take the same product replica in different trade shows and promote your business successfully. When there is no marketing campaign going on, you can easily deflate the air and store it in a small place.

Low cost: The size of inflatable advertising can be huge, but price is not. TV channels and newspapers charge hundreds of dollars for a few seconds/few cm, and also your ad gets displayed only once. Contrary to TV and newspaper ads, inflatable promotional materials are not only cheaper, they keep your brand visible for a longer period of time as well.

So, as you can see, using advertising inflatable items is really beneficial. There are many companies selling inflatable advertising products online and you can the required items from them easily.

Promote Your Services Through Custom Umbrellas

With the market getting more competitive than ever, you have to think of newer ways of advertising your products or services; otherwise, there is a high risk of getting left behind. Gone are the days when you could issue a print or electronic advertisement and expect consumers to notice your products and initiate sales. Now is the age of in-your-face marketing; you have to be visible everywhere to make a mark. This is because there are countless others like you, offering the same product or service. In such a scenario, how can you distinguish yourself from the rest? Simple! By opting for new and innovative ways of advertising, such as customized umbrellas.

A custom umbrella is nothing but one that is designed with a specific purpose in mind, which is mostly to promote a product or service. These can be seen in trade shows, restaurants, fairs and festivals. They serve the purpose of providing shade to those sitting below while promoting your company at the same time.

Business owners usually print their advertising messages or company logo on such umbrellas and use them in the marketplace for promoting their brand name. Light materials are used to construct these umbrellas, which are also weather-resistant since the main purpose of an umbrella is to protect those sitting below it from rain, snow, heat and other bad weather conditions. These are available in various vibrant colors so that you can choose one that goes perfectly with your brand. In fact, it is a good idea to create these shades in the color your business or, more precisely, its logo is known by. This can help your target customers easily identify your brand, thereby serving your actual purpose.

The best thing about a custom umbrella is that you can design it the way you want. You can either print separately on each panel or opt for a print that covers the whole top fluidly.

custom umbrellaLet us now have a look at some of the most common customized umbrellas available in the market:

Sport umbrellas: They are also known by the name of golf umbrellas owing to their dominant use in golf fields. They are capable of holding 2 to 3 people under them. They have wooden handles and steel rims, and an arc of 50 to 68 inches. They are a favorite as promotional products because any sports event attracts a huge number of spectators, which opens the prospect of attracting more eyes.

Walking umbrellas: These are normal ones which are small in diameter, foldable and lightweight. A lot of variants are available of this type, such as wooden handled, foldable, non-folding, multi-color etc. Since they feature most assured visibility and high-level usage, they are most effective in helping brands market their products and services.

Telescopic umbrellas: These are not a unique variant, but both the above-mentioned types can be telescopic. It is very easy to disassemble these shades. You can insert the handle and frame into one another and remove and fold the canopy in order to keep them in hand bags.

Thus, order a custom umbrella with your company’s logo imprinted on it and popularize your business.

Retractable Banner Display And Its Uses

A retractable banner display is one of the most inexpensive, yet popular ways of getting your business’ message across to your target customers. They are eye-catching, affordable and easy to use. It takes about a minute to assemble a retractable banner and the same time to disassemble it. These look like the screens of film projectors.

Retractable banners are often called roll-up banners as that is what they do. They have recoil mechanism that allows the advertisement to roll back to its case without any ado. This case helps protect the banner against any type of harm during transportation. All that you are required to do is reach the advertising venue, roll up the advertisement and hook it onto a stand. These kind of ads manage to grab the greatest attention, irrespective of where they are placed.

retractable banner displayIts large surface can be printed with the logo of your company, photographs, artwork and text related to your business so that it grabs all the desired eyeballs.

Uses of a retractable banner

Retractable banner display is widely useful due to its transportation-friendly nature. The banners also take up very little space when hooked up but are, nonetheless, ideal for advertising your business at a trade show, event, fair etc. They serve as a good sales tool that can be effectively used to publicize your business and attract customers with bright and bold graphics.

These ads can be used on a temporary as well as permanent basis in places like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels etc.

retractable banner standHow to choose the right banner?

Size is the first factor you need to consider when ordering a banner. In order to determine that, you need to consider the length of the message you want to convey and the venue where it will be used. While some banners are meant to make your customers aware of a new product, others are meant for making people aware of an upcoming event. If your venue is a small one, you may order several small ads instead of one, as a single big one can look ugly in a small area.

The next thing you need to consider is the quality of the material you use for printing the banner. You being a businessman would obviously like to use, store and reuse your ad. So, it is better to choose a durable and smooth material, that is long-lasting and easy to store. The material should especially be smooth as that makes it easy for the advertisement to be retracted into the case.

Also take care of your budget. A retractable banner display can be very expensive; so when you choose one for yourself, make sure it fits within your budget. However, that does not mean that you are supposed to compromise on the quality of the material of the advertisement. You are advised not to over or underspend, but choose the right thing within your budget. Always remember that your banner represents your business before your prospective customers; so make sure it speaks well of your products and services.

Four Advantages of Outdoor Displays

We may live in the age of internet and smart television, but when it comes to advertisements, outdoor displays have not lost their appeal yet. They have existed for hundreds of years and will exist in the future as well due to the major advantages they offer to marketers. In fact, over the past decades, outdoor display ads have evolved radically and help businesses promote their products and services in innovative ways. Earlier, there were only billboards and banners, but now you have flags, umbrellas, games, tents and much more.

Let’s try to understand the benefits you can enjoy by investing in outdoor displays.

# Reach: Everyone talks about the reach of internet and television, but what they don’t tell you is that millions of people around the world don’t have access to the marvels of ultramodern technology. Therefore, if you give ads on web and TV only, you are actually missing the opportunity to grab the attention of millions. On the other hand, outdoor displays can be viewed by anyone and everyone. Whether you are targeting the upper strata of the society or the lower middle class, nobody can miss a promotional flag or banner, because unlike TV and internet, viewers don’t need to pay anything to watch the ads.

Outdoor Displays

# 24×7: A TV or internet ad stays live for a few seconds only, but an outdoor display stays for hours and grabs all the passerby’s attention. Suppose you want to promote your newly launched soft drink and plan to advertise it on TV and banners. The TV ad may not get customers’ attention if they leave the TV set for a few minutes, but a banner ad stays on the spot all the time. Nobody can miss it.

# Affordable: The cost of shooting an ad campaign and then buying space from websites or time from TV channels is a very costly affair. On the other hand, you can easily contact a company that manufactures outdoor displays and they will create graphic-rich, durable outdoor product/service display for you at affordable cost. Since the ads are printed on tents or umbrellas, you don’t have to pay anything extra for placing them somewhere. If you are attending a trade fair, your tent can be your ad with all the information about your products displayed on it.

# Flexibility: Outdoor displays can be placed anywhere. Therefore, you can select the places where they will capture maximum consumer attention. For example, the major traffic crossings in a city are the best places to put billboards. Due to traffic jam, people sitting inside cars look outside for something that can help them pass the time and the billboards serve them in two ways. They get entertained and also find information about the products/services they may need.

Outdoor displays are made using durable materials and can be used repeatedly. For example, retractable banners can be taken from one corporate event to another throughout the year for brand marketing. As banners display crucial information about products or services, they are never outdated like television ads. If you want to promote your business using outdoor displays and enjoy the aforementioned benefits, contact a reputed custom advertisement product maker today.