Buy a Pop Up Canopy Tent to Ensure Safe Partying

Halloween is just a couple of months away. Your kids want to arrange an outdoor party for the night and you are not agreeing to it. No worries. Get pop up tents for the party and let the kids enjoy till they drop.

Allowing the kids to stay out the whole night is quite a deal during the rains. But kids are kids. You simply cannot explain certain things to them. If they want something, they just want it. To allay your fears and make sure that the children are safe, you can buy tents under which they can party all night while you sleep peacefully. The exact tent type that can suit your purpose is the pop up canopy tent.

pop-up tent

Understanding Pop Up Canopy Tents

Pop up canopy tents are large structures that can shade many people while they are busy partying.

Installing a Tent

Once, you buy the tent you must be wondering how to install it. Let me help you out.

  • Keep the metal frame in such a way that you can open it just like an accordion. Open it partially. Place the cover of the canopy over the frame which is slightly expanded. The canopy cover may have Velcro corners. Your job is to attach these corners to the frame corners.
  • Slowly open the frame. Beware! You might get your fingers pinched by the opening frame. Now, you decide what height you are going to give to the canopy legs and fix it accordingly.
  • Once, this is done, get under the canopy and use the Velcro fasteners hanging from the lower part of the cover to attach to the cross bars of the frame. If, there are more pop up tents, follow the same method.

pop-up tents

Thank me dude. I just helped you fasten the canopy properly, so that it does not fly away even if the weather gets windy. Let the kids indulge in merrymaking all through the night. Come rain or wind, nothing can get in the way of the Halloween spirit.

Uninstalling the Tent

Night over and so is the party.  It’s time to take down the tent.

Taking down the canopy is nothing, but doing everything you did the last evening in a reverse manner. Undo the fasteners that you had attached yesterday and pack the tent.

It’s easy to install and take down. You can do it all by yourself.

Pop up tents

Keep the tent. You never know, it might come handy someday. You might put up a stall at a local fair or advertise a business you have not yet decided upon. Or even, organize an outdoor party for your friends the next Halloween. Who knows? They don’t lie when they say that there is a child hidden in all of us. Know more at:

Trust me; you would love to see the children hanging out safely. Speaking of he children, some of them might ask their parents to get pop up tents. Be ready to respond to enquiries from eager parents. So, go get a tent for the upcoming party and become the real life hero of your adorable children.

The Importance of Flags in Human Life

Custom flags are bought for different reasons. Custom flag printing has become an attractive choice for the business owners of the twenty-first century. Business owners want to advertise their trade in different trade fairs and also inside their office. They can do so by installing flags both inside and outside the physical location of the business.


Reasons for Ordering Custom Flags

They are perfect for souvenirs and gifts. If you are gifting a flag to a visitor from another country, he or she will be impressed with you. It will convey your feelings for your guest. Custom flags of nationality are usually given to remind one of their places of origin and to show that you have thought about their originality.

National Flags

National flags have very deep meanings. When people of a country feel down and think that there is no hope left, a custom flag can make them realize that if they are united, nothing can stop them. These things happen during times of international matches, wars and economic instability of the country. Flags not only define countries, but also define political parties, religious communities, tribes, etc. However, the main motive to design them is to create a sense of utility. Custom flags are sold in great numbers during matches. When players see flags of their team or nation hoisting in the hands of their supporters, they get renewed confidence. Flags were used to distinguish soldiers of one country from another. You can describe a person and his habits just by looking at the flag he is holding.

Flag printing

Impact on Children

Custom flag printing has great impact on children as well. They wave these flags while watching fireworks displays and parades. They even install the flags in their room or on their garden. They also get interested to learn about the history of their country or of the company the flag of which they have in their rooms.

Love for flags develops at a very early age. Teachers and guardians have to inculcate patriotism in the minds of the younger generation. If they are taught and instructed by their elders to respect their national flags, they will automatically grow into patriots. The same interest is garnered when they see custom flags of companies.

Flags Printing

Flags and banners that represent a company are often found installed outside business showrooms. They help in publicizing a company and advertising for it. Most custom flags are colorful, so that they attract the attention of passers-by. When you see colorful flags on your way home from office, you take some time to visit the store and see what the company has to offer you. Know more at:

Thus, custom flag printing helps in getting customers and generating popularity. It is one of the best ways to attract the attention of people to a business. Custom flags that are sold during matches are used to motivate players and create a sense of patriotism. They tend to make people take interest in the things around them.

10 Tents to Boost your presence at any event

Pop Up Tents and Event advertising tents are an ideal way to show off your company at any event. They are always a big hit and huge attraction but which tent do you choose?

By asking yourself the following questions, you will be guided into the perfect event tent or advertising tent for your event, show or gathering.

1) How big is my event?
2) How big will my tent need to be?
3) How many people will my event tent need to shade?
4) What do you expect the weather to be like on the day of your event/s?
5) How many events or times will you be using your event tent ?
6) How durable do I need my tent to be ?
7) How many people can I utilize to have to set up my event?
8) How much budget do I have for my event?
9) Where will I store your event tent?
10) How much print do I want on my tent ?

Above All Advertising, Inc will help guide you through these questions and help point you in the right direction to making our event / show a great success. Whether you chose a Rigid Pop Up Event Tent / Canopy, inflatable tent, Spider tent, Teppee Star tent, Action Tent Aire Cap™ or another style, you’re covered with Above All Advertising, Inc.

Teepee™ Star Tent

With this unique tent, you are sure to draw attention from everyone around! It’s 20ft high and 40ft wide, giving you lots of space and shade to entertain your potential customers. This star shaped peaked tent is secured in the ground stakes and has one support pole. Remember, these are primarily designed for grass or dirt and if you plan to set them up on a hard surface, you might need to drill holes to properly securen The Teppee™ or Tent does require a few hands set up but with the right personal and the correct ground they are easy and efficient to assemble. With full color digital printing options, this tent will ensure that your business is the center of attention!

Spider Tent™

The Spider Tent ™ is one of our most popular inflatable tents because of all the attention that it draws! This inflatable tent provided a great amount of shade and space to work in. It great for set up and only requires 3 -8 people depending on the size you buy. This tent comes with fan system, carry bag and instructions to help you on your way to setting up these awesome tents. Oh.. Did I mention that these are some of the coolest looking and highest quality inflatable tents around ? Well, that they are !!
Above All Advertising offers custom sizes for the Spider Tent. Our most popular / stock sizes are 20 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet traditionally. The coolest thing about these tents is that they make such a powerful statement, you’re sure to be noticed and remembered! This fun inflatable tent is sure to enhance your business!

Action Tent™

These one of a kind action tents offer continuous visibility of your logo or company name! Made from robust aluminum and polyester tent top, they have look which is very unique and quite frankly, striking. The Frame fits together nicely and is of high quality. The custom made canopy top also has quality built into every stitch and we’re sure you’ll be impressed! Set up is not as easy as the spider tent but not too tough either. We recommend 3 people to set up the smaller sizes and 4-5 people for set up the larger sizes. We offer removable zip up walls if wanted and three sizes to fit all of your needs! There is a 9 foot, 13.5 foot and 18 foot option. This tent draws attention with its unique shape, and is sure to bring more business!

Show Shell Tent™

This cold air inflatable tent is a great venue for branding as well as providing shelter from the elements! Since this tent is a cold air inflatable, electricity is required. The dome shape is eye catching, and adding your company graphics will only add to the attraction of this fabulous tent. Also known as the Igloo, Golf or Helmet tent, this tent is well known in the advertising world! Call your local sales rep today for more information on this well desired tent.

Chamber Aire™ Tent

The Chamber Aire™ Tent is different, unique, eye catching designed with “different” in mind. This is a sealed air tent that offered continuous visibility of your desired graphics. This tent is available with up to 4 detachable side walls. This tent has many benefits, including being lightweight, portable, durable, and affordable. The best part about this tent is that this tent I customizable to your needs! Our sales rep and art department will work with you to ensure your image is created.

Pop up™ Tent / rigid pop up

When deciding on a pop up tents provider, the main factors for consideration in our view should be: QUALITY – RELIABILITY AND PRICE. Oh yeah and… OVERAL VALUE! We provide 4 levels of frames and tops to choose from. From the entry level retail quality all the way up to the heaviest duty products available on the market, we have you covered. Apples for Apples, we’re certain that you will be happy with us. Our Pop-up tents are by far our most sought after products. In addition to frame and top options we alos offer op up tent canopies and frames in a wide array of sizes: 5 x 5 – 10 x10 -10x 15 -10 x 20 and 20 x 20.. WOW, a 20 x 20 pop up tent.. Yup, that’s no typo.. Contact your sales rep today to discuss your Pop Up and rigid canopy tent requirements!

1 Plex ™ Tent

The 1 Plex ™ was born out of necessity to be Above All. What do you do when you’re in a sea of tents and want to stand out. GO ABOVE ALL and add a flagt to the top. Well, that’s exactly what we invented. A flag which sits perfectly on the top of your tent with our Patent Pending 1Plex™ system. This product is REAL value for money, especially when you consider all that additional exposure you get when you really stand out from your neighbors and go ABOVE ALL :.. The Original Flex Blade™ Topper is sure to grab attention in a crowd! We offer the 6 foot flex blade for tents small to large! In this amazing deal, you get the benefits of a Pop Up Tent ™ and a Flex Blade ® all in one!

Canopy Cap™

Here at Above All Advertising, we understand that if it’s not broken – don’t fix it! Our Canopy Caps™ – Patent Pending are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to replace an old, worn out canopy. We fit Pop Up Tents of all sizes and shapes and add your own customizable graphics! If you are in love with your Canopy frame and are looking for a new way to fix up that old tent, our Canopy Caps™ are the answer!

Back and Side Walls

If you want a Pop Up Tent with all the bells and whistles, the back and side walls are for you! These additional tent accessories really give the whole display a professional feel. We offer a full back wall and 1/3 side walls. The sky is the limit with these re-attachable walls!

Pop Top™ Tent

This is a special option available for all Pop Up Tents™! This is a full double sided graphic topper. It is 2.5 feet by 5 feet. With this Pop Top™ you are sure to grab the attention of anyone walking by! This is perfect for trade shows, flea markets, sales events, race water stations or check-ins, beer gardens, wine tastings, food sales, etc! Get your one of a kind Pop Top™ from your local sales rep today!

Above All Advertising, Inc will help guide you through these questions and help point you in the right direction to making YOUR event / show a great success. Whether you CHOOSE a Rigid Pop Up Event Tent / Canopy, inflatable tent, Spider tent, TEEPEE Star tent, Action Tent Aire Cap™ or another style, you’re covered with Above All Advertising, Inc.
We look forward to working with you and guiding you towards a successful event.

Your Success Is Our Business

Use Feather Flags to Enhance Business Visibility

When you think of feather flags, several things peep into your mind that range from occasions to events in your hometown or anywhere else. You might even remember the festivities and product launches that you had seen once upon a time in a carnival or trade fair.

Benefits of Feather Flags

Attract Attention – These flags or banners have the ability to attract you when you are driving down the road. The font, pictures, lighting and color combination pave way for an interest that takes you to the business location. Advertising flags attract people by their overall appearance and you will feel compelled to glance at it and pay a visit to the store.

feather flags

Look Appealing – When the flags flutter in the breeze and hug the wind, the fabric looks all the more attractive. When the sunshine falls on these fluttering banners, you are bound to take a look at their beauty. Using these flags help in increasing the foot traffic to your business and also enhances the visibility of your business.

Come in Varied Shapes and Sizes – Customize feather flags to suit your needs and get them as big or as small as you want. They are the easiest way to promote your business. Not only do these flags bring you more business and, thus, profitability, but are also easy to install. In fact, a single person can put together the banner in a matter of just a few minutes. You can also secure the feather flags on different types of ground surface; it does not matter whether you install them on cement, dirt or grass. You can also use them for indoor purposes.

feather flag

Types of Feather Flags

# Teardrop flags

They can be use for both outdoor and indoor purposes.  They are designed in such a way that anyone entering your office or business location gets to see them. They can be installed without the help of anything else. If you go to some other place, you can also carry them along with you. Thus, teardrop flags give you the benefit of not relying on others to carry the flags.

# Beach flags


Most beaches with humans have flags mounted all over its surface. These flags are installed by various business organizations that want to convey message about product launch, existing products, services, etc. Beach flags are a hit among beach goers as the latter often visit the events advertised on the flags. Sometimes, sports like beach volleyball, beach soccer, scuba diving, stand up paddleboard and kite boarding are sponsored by the entities that secure flags on the beach. Sometimes local authorities display warning indications with the help of beach flags. Know more at:

Feather flags can play an integral role in the success of a business. They come in customized prints, colors, sizes and shapes. You can single-handedly put them together and also carry them anywhere you want. Feather flags are used on beaches by entities like, the authorities and businesses that sponsor events on the beach.

Using Market Umbrellas for Cost-effective Publicity

Use of umbrellas is among the more traditional methods of publicity though the exact date of initialization of the practice is uncertain. Market umbrellas, because of their shape and ease of installation, are an excellent form of advertisement. You get to see them in fairs, exhibitions, carnivals and festivals. These are usually brightly colored to attract immediate attention of passers by and mainly used outdoors.

Outdoor market umbrellas are usable across the year particularly during summer and rains. Marketing agencies make use of this common object in uncommon ways to publicize for goods and services. Limitation of using this product is only when it is stormy or after sundown. Shoe makers, paint companies, automobile manufacturers and even private broadcasters make use of umbrellas for publicity.

These, when used for publicity purposes, are generally made of large or giant size to grab attention. Advertisers flaunt these in major locations, bus stations, railway platforms and community parks. These are places frequented by people from all occupations and ages. As the primary objective of publicity is brand building, the purpose is well served by displaying your company’s name on parasols and making an exhibition of the same.

Types of Umbrellas used

Normally three types of market umbrellas are used for advertising purposes: aluminum, wooden, and fiberglass. Though each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks, they are used equally widely.

Aluminum – This is perhaps the most popular type of frame used for parasols of all varieties. It supports all kinds of fabrics and is light in weight. Although light by mass, aluminum is a durable metal and not easily weathered by natural elements.

Wooden or Cane – Traditionally umbrellas were made with wooden or cane frames. They have a classic appearance and heavier in mass. Their rich appearance makes is ideal for displaying products that have timeless appeal such as period furniture or heritage homes. Being heavier, these frames are able to support weighty fabrics such as suede, satin, and velvet.

Fiberglass – This is the trendiest material used for making frames of outdoor market umbrellas. Fiberglass being non-reactive to salt corrosion could ideally be used in all kinds of climatic conditions, particularly in locations beside the sea. Seaside resorts, beach restaurants, and coastal shanties are typical places for using such parasols. Fiberglass is also sturdier than wood or aluminum and hence could be used in windy areas. Know more at:


Customization is the primary aspect of this form of advertising. Depending on your location and item you could design your market umbrellas. It is important to calculate your cost-benefit analysis as business in current times has become exceptionally tough. Though publicity is essential, spending must always be done judiciously. Normally, companies have a separate budget for advertising and business promotion. To stay competitive it is essential to reduce costs and transfer resultant benefits to end users.

Advertising using outdoor market umbrellas is one of the most affordable ways of mass publicity. The impact is longer lasting as compared to traditional media marketing campaigns. This novel form of brand creation is resorted to by several advertisers and marketers. Cost involved is also within reasonable limits and returns are assured.

Why You Should Upgrade to the Premium Retractable Banner Stand

Double Sided Premium Retractable BannersOur Standard Retractable Banner Stand is a huge seller; all of our customers love the attention that it brings to their business. However, today, we will be drawing your attention to the Premium Banner stand. We took something good, and made it even better!

Our Premium Banner Stand will increase your businesses appearance! The glossy ends are finished with a high end chromed look + a brushed aluminum metal surface to create the most elegant stand on the market, The deluxe heavy duty construction of the support poles provides a stable environment for your personalized banner. Each Premium Banner Stand order comes complete with a padded nylon carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

When you are ready to use the Premium Retractable banner stand, gently pull the fabric up from the base stand mechanism and then secure it to rear support pole which will hold up graphic banner taut in place for advertising and usage so that you can display your beautifully printed retractable banner with pride.

There are a number banner media options available in order to achieve the desired look and feel you are after. Our retractable banners are digitally printed using the very best equipment on the market today. We keep a large inventory on hand of both stands and fabric in order to accommodate fast turn times. Our Premium Retractable banner stands are available in both single and double sided configurations depending on your preference and needs. The print size is 33”W and 80”H, the perfect size to attract customers! Know more at:

This high quality stand is the perfect upgrade for any regular standard stand!

Contact your local sales representative to get pricing on this amazing deal.

10 Indoor Displays that are Amazing

Indoor advertising is so important! It’s crucial to make sure that when a customer enters the room that the advertisements goal was met. We understand that there are a TON of options, and this can be a bit difficult to sort through! Here are some of our personal favorite indoor displays!

  1. Aluminum A-Frame – Montrex™sizechartThe A-Frame is a classic way to advertise your business! They are lightweight and easy to transport. The Frame is 23.75”W x 45.5”H, made of sturdy aluminum, and approximately 20 lbs. – making these durable A-Frames easy to carry. There are printed acrylic inserts that snap into the frame. The inserts as well as the spring loaded frame edges hold the 23.375”W x 33.4375”H graphic in place on the tops, bottoms and sides. These are the perfect way to classily display your advertisement!
  2. A-Frame Xtra™ – Montrex™sizechartThe A-Frame Xtra™ is similar to our classic A-Frame, but includes an additional top section to provide additional signage. The top portion is 8″H x 23.75″W, the total height of the A-Frame XTra™ is approximately 46″ high when displayed. This is double-sided with snap frame technology which allows for easy placement of the graphics. It folds away for easy storage, and is light to carry. This is the ideal way to advertise your business!
  3. Brochure HoldersizechartOur Montrex™ Brochure Holder is made of acrylic and aluminum to ensure a strong frame to hold your brochures. There are 6 shelves to hold brochures with approximately 25mm depth on the top 5 shelves plus ample room for a stack of reserves on the bottom shelf. The foldable brochure stand is 1300mm high. This Brochure stand is key to bringing valuable information to your customers!
  4. Adjustable Banner StandssizechartOur Adjustable Banners are offered in an array of sizes to choose from. Our quality stands have height adjusting screws and interlocking poles, so they are easy to put up and take down. There are several options to choose from including single sided or double sided. There are several different directions that a customer could go with the adjustable banners; all you need to do is call a sales rep for more information!
  5. Vertical Triangle AKA VTR™ Display StandsizechartThe Vertical Triangle Display™ stands 33.5”W x 33.5”D x 96”H. This is a state of the art, full digital dye sublimated fabric advertising system with aluminum frame structure. The Vertical Triangular Display™ is easy to set-up, present, pack-up – all while making a lasting impression on potential clients. With the angled prints that face every direction, you are able to increase your branding area while not taking over your entire exhibiting space.
  6. Rolling Snap FramesizechartThese Rolling Snap Frames are designed to provide portability to the needs and requirements of your advertisement campaign. Similar to the A-Frame and the Springster™, the image can be changed out by utilizing the spring loaded frame edges on the tops, bottoms and sides. This frame is a dual-sided snap frame allows simultaneous placement of display material to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisement. The best feature about this frame is that is the rolling base, which offer ease in changing the position and location.
  7. InstaFab™ Curved WallsizechartThe InstaFab™ Curved Walls have attractive graphics printed in a combination of bright colors that catch the attention of the potential clients. They are light-weight aluminum frames which are easily portable. The high resolution digital print on these curved walls can be custom-designed, as per the artwork or specifications provided by individual clients. Moreover, the dye-sublimation process protects the printed surface and enhances its durability. There are several different options when it comes to the InstaFab™ Curved Wall, so call your helpful sales representative to get more information!
  8. Retractable Banner stand A1-Pro.sizechartOur economy version of the retractable banner are attractively designed and well finished, especially for the price. They are made from Aluminum and incredibly light weight, which means that they are easy to move and store. They are priced extremely well and are fantastic for national drop ship programs due to their attractive price / quality mix. The A1-Pro Retractable banner stand can be used with premium lay-flat fabrics as well as lower cost materials depending on usage and customer requirements. Our prints are extremely high quality because we only use the very best in machinery and ink technology for production.
  9. AAA StandeesizechartThese life size standing posters are the perfect display to attract customers! This AAA Standee is constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight materials. This product is printed full color, CMYK, or digital print, depending on which option is chosen. These banners are easy set up and take down due to the adjustable clamps. We can accommodate several different sized prints to accommodate customized logos, images and colors that represent your company.
  10. XL85 Spring FramesizechartThe XL-85™ Spring Frame System sets the limit of 85” in height, were most outdoor standing banners are only about 46”H. Our recommended print size is 72”H x 23.5”W which is plenty of room to include all the details of your new product release! The Spring Frame has a nice wide base to assist with the stability of the unit when in use outdoors. This is available in both single or double sided. This is the perfect way to catch potential customer’s eye!

Top 10 Advertising Flags to Boost Business Visibility

Are you horrified watching as people pass by ignoring your product launches and advertisements? It’s time to get rid of those traditional flags and get some eye catching custom flags to increased business visibility! Why not take a look at the advertising flags that can make a difference in your business?

    1. Flex Blade®
      The Flex Blade ® advertising flag renders a whole new look to a business location or a special business event. This flag really makes use of the innovative design by acting as both a display hut and a display booth. Installing a Flex Blade® Advertising Flag is very simple and because the flag is light weights it’s easy to manage and carry! Also known as: Teardrop banners, teardrop flags, banner flags, Feather Flags, Flex Blades, Wind Wavers, wind banners, flutter flags

    2. EVO™
      Market a product launch by installing an EVO Banner Flag or Flex Banner EVO™ in front of your business location or other places where they can attract attention. Increase sales by using these custom flags which are economic for pricing, but are made with quality and care. The EVO Banner Flag has inspired the emergence of other advertising flags. Communicate your message to existing and potential customers precisely and get maximum effect. Also known as: Bow Flags, affordable banner flags, economical banner flags, advertising banner flags


    1. Flying Flag
      With these digitally printed Flying Flags you will attract potential customers! Flying flags are available in various sizes and shapes. They are made from a polyester blend fabric, which is very durable and long lasting. We are happy to accommodate custom imprints, simple call your local sales representative with your ideas! Also known as: Flying banners, rectangular banners, custom banners, commercial flags, flutter flags, promotional flags, promo flags, block banners


    1. Bullet Flag™Patent # (PCT Pat. App. No. PCT/US2010/044000) & Patent US8,935,869 B2

      Unlike other flags, the Bullet Flag™ caters to a larger crowd. They are used for both outdoor and indoor promotions. Thanks to its innovative shape, it has the capability to turn three hundred and sixty degrees in the wind. Promote your business with the Bullet Flag™ using a varying of sizes to enjoy larger branding areas for your business location. Also known as: Oval Flag, dual arm flag


    1. Twizla™ Advertising Flag This extremely high quality polyester fabric flag renders a shine to your business advertisement. Installing these flags is not difficult and they are secured in the ground with the help of a ball bearing stake. They come in a 3 sided option and a 4 sided option allowing for further imprinting! Also known as: 3 sided flag, 4 sided flag, 3 side rotating display, 4 side rotating display


    1. Ad Sock™
      The Ad Sock™ is fantastic addition to any Flex Banner Advertising flag. The Ad Sock is also great on its own to attract a huge amount of attention to your location or event. The Ad Sock™ can be printed in 1-4 color or digitally printed using dye sublimation for the most vibrant colors around. In the past wind socks have been used to signify the relative speed of wind and direction of wind. The Ad Sock™ takes from this heritage and converts this ever popular product to a great advertising piece which cannot be missed. Also known as: safety flag, wind sock, air dancers


    1. Contour Flags
      Do you need to advertise in a unique way to stand out from the crowd? This is your solution because the Contour Flags™ can be cut to form almost any shape (cans, bottles, custom products, They can all be made into Contour Flags to set you apart from the competition. Another great benefit to the contour flag is they allow for tons of added branding area because they are wider than most conventional advertising flags. These are double-sided flags that display the insignia of your brand. They require high quality hardware to generate optimum awareness about your brand. A unique shape attracts the attention of potential customers. They stand out of the crowd and are easily visible. Also known as: contour cut flags, custom shaped flags
    2. Giant Flag
      If traditional flags have stopped bringing you customers it’s time to go larger and install a Giant Flag in front of your business location. This approach will help in grabbing sight. These flags showcase the logo of your brand or any other thing that you want to be printed on a large scale. They have a huge branding surface and are very helpful to generate visibility to your business. Also known as: oversized flags, large flags


    1. Flex Blade™ LED
      Go public with the double-sided or single-sided printed Flex Blade LED Flag. These illuminated flags make sure that your business gets the right amount of foot traffic even after sunset. The flag sleeve is bordered by LED lights that stand out in any situation and any time of the day. Choose any shape and size of flag to advertise your products and services. Custom flags aptly introduce your business to target customers by conveying the required message. Since the best grade of fabric is used to make the flags; you do not have to get anxious when the weather gets windy or rainy. Also known as: LED flags, light up flags, and custom LED flags


  1. Window Flag
    Flex Blade Window Flags have a pole and a suction cup at the base to support them. They stick to any smooth surface and thanks to the framework, these flags are guaranteed to not bunch up or droop. They are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Also known as: car flags, window banner


Now, you know about the varying types of customized advertising flags you can use to market your business among the masses! Get the highest quality flags and request a design to customize according to your requirements, simple call in to your local sales representative!

Flex Banner Evo™

Our Flex Banner EVO™ are an economical alternative to our popular Flex Blade and Flex Banner advertising / promotional flags, which dominated the advertising market since the early 2000’s. However, the Flex Banner EVO™ AKA EVO Banner Flag has been taking over in advertisement today!


What is different about the EVO?

The EVO flag is one of our more cost efficient products, with tons of benefits and a whole heap or REAL Value! The EVO is more economically efficient but that is no remark to its quality! It’s made from a quality polyester blend fabric and carbon composite pole system to ensure a quality, long lasting Flag. Know more at:

The EVO is 15 feet and 25 inches wide, which is perfect for your own personal design or logo. The shape and design of our EVO banner is easily seen, and will be sure to draw attention to anyone passing by. The EVO is available in any color, and any design imaginable. We offer single sided digital dye sublimated graphics. This is the perfect way to enhance your business, and the assembly is so simple!

There is a variety of additional mounting options are available for your EVO Flag, which include: Mount in grass, dirt, cement, indoors, on your trailer hitch almost any environment!

Your advertising goals are sure to be met with our EVO Flex Flag! Call one of our helpful sales assistance to see how the EVO can benefit you and your business! Our production time is normally 10 to 15 business days.

How to Use Advertising Banners to Get Immediate Sales?

Advertisement banners are an integral part of every business and help consumers identify each organization uniquely. They represent the values and work culture of an organization and can effectively create lasting impression in the minds of customers. They are very effective, especially when you are marketing and promoting your products. Banners make you stand out of the crowd and market your products/services in a better way.

Evo Banner

There are a number of companies that manufacture advertising banners and flags, but it is good to find a trusted and reputed company. You can simply visit their websites and get quotes by submitting your request. You will see the available option within minutes and you can select the best among them.

Tips to Use Advertising Banners

Using advertising banners is one of the oldest and most important marketing techniques. Advertising banners and flags are available in a variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes and are far better than other marketing techniques. They not only call attention to new products, but also catch the attention of consumers at a time, when they are ready to buy. There are a number of ways to use advertising flags and banners, some of which are as below.

Elbow Banner

  1. Customized advertising banners – Before you think of promoting your products and services, consider having some advertising banners customized as per your business requirements. Advertising banners used in front of your store or around your store are great way to create interest among consumers.
  2. Marketing a special offer – You can use advertising banners to ‘tease’ a promotion or special offer and display them around the streets and corners. This kind of promotion keeps people in suspense and compels them to know what you are providing. One should be very careful when using this kind of advertising banners.
  3. Promoting new offerings - If you are planning to launch a new product or service, you can display advertisement banners at public malls, special events and other areas where your target audiences go for shopping. Usually, retail shopping malls allow non-competitive businesses to hang their banners in common areas and above escalators. You can make use of such opportunity and display a banner about the new product launch.

Hanging Banner

  1. Trade shows and exhibitions – Advertising banners can be used in sales events and trade shows. Make them large enough to be visible to the people passing by. Advertising banners and flags were once a staple for business owners looking to drive traffic. There is no doubt that they are still successful ways to bring customers to your door.
  2. Business promotion in public places - By using advertising banners and flags on public places, you can grab the attention of people who are on the move. You can communicate your marketing message effectively and inform the customers about your new products/services. You can even customize them based on your marketing needs. An eye-catching banner is far more impressive than any other method of business promotion. Know more at:

The bottom line is – advertisement banners and flags can bring immediate sales, if used properly. They have the advantage of being reusable and portable, and can grab the attention of customers anytime. They need small investment, but give huge returns.