6 Winning Features of Effective Retractable Banner Stands

Do you want to promote your business at a recent trade fair? Do you want your booth to receive optimum footfalls? Well, in that case you should opt for some retractable banner stands. These are exclusively meant to attract audience to your business. Banner stands are effective because they are colorful and express the motive of your business in a concise manner. However, in order to attract the right client base, you need to make sure that the banners stands are designed in an appropriate manner. Here, we are going to discuss how an efficient banner designer can make your business dreams come true.

Retractable Banner Stands











Take a look at these features.

# Maintain a proper sequence

It is natural for people to read from left to right and from top to bottom. You should ask the designer to create the banner keeping in mind the above mentioned information.

# Offer core message in very few words

Yours will not be the only banner at the fair. Therefore, filling your banner with loads of information can bore your audience. Why not offer the names of the services and leave it to the brochures and pamphlets to offer information in detail.

Retractable-Banner Stand












# Let the logo stay at the top

People are first going to be attracted by the logo of your company. It can be a slogan, an image or even the website of your brand. Therefore, the logo should always be on the top of the banner.

# Use colors intelligently

Retractable banner stands can be your best friend in the walk to success, if you choose the right color combination. An efficient designer knows that a banner can stand out, if he or she makes thoughtful use of color. The color on the banner should go well with the logo of your company and the industry, to which your business caters. For instance, if you own a mobile phone company, you can use bright colors. The colors of the text should also not match with the background colors of the banner. If they do, people may not be able to make out what is written on the banner.

Retractable Banner Stand












# Opt for correct image dimension

The images on the banner should sport the correct dimension. The images should have 300 dpi, so that it is easier for visitors at the fair to assess the image properly. It is better, if you hire an efficient designer to select the image for your brand. They know which image size is correct to attract audience even from a distance.

# Offer contact details

An interested visitor is going to try and get more information about your products or services. He or she can visit your booth to learn in details. In the event that the visitor has less time, he or she can note down the contact information from the banner stand and communicate with you later on. Put the contact information at the bottom of the banner or any place which is easily visible. Know more at: http://www.abovealladvertising.net/

Have you ordered for your retractable banner stands? With the right design and concept, it is going to fetch you plenty of visitors and lead to high conversion rates.

4 Exclusive Advantages of Using Inflatable Furniture at Trade Fairs

January is the perfect time for exhibitions and trade fairs. If the trade fair site is at a considerable distance from your home, you have to spend lot of time at that place. Moreover, you also need to make your visitors comfortable. So, you carry all the essential items you use daily and drive your pickup truck to the fair. You don’t your visitors to stand while you explain how your new water purifier works. But, you cannot carry wooden, wrought-iron or even plastic chairs. Wooden furniture is heavy and plastic furniture consumes unnecessary space. Carry inflatable furniture to offer your visitors optimum experience.

Here is How You Can Make the Most of Using Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable- Furniture

# Avail customized furniture

You can find all sorts of inflatable furniture in the market. You can also order for customized furniture. You can decide the color, material, shape, size and prints on the furniture. Inflatable furniture designers use their talent and offer you furniture as per your orders.

# Carry your furniture everywhere you travel

Almost all of us have a bean bag or some other sort of inflatable chair at our homes. But, if you think a justify, this type of furniture can be very helpful, if you go for an outing or are always on the move.

Inflatable Furnitures

Last year, my friend, Nelson participated in a trade fair with his family. The family of 5 carried enough stuff for themselves and their visitors. They had carried tents, sleeping bags, utensils, barbeque and everything necessary to spend an entire week in the open. But, I wondered how they would manage their time at the expedition. I did not see them carrying any furniture.  Not even an easy chair for old Mrs. Nelson. After all, you cannot spend the entire day standing and running around.

On their return, their snaps illuminated me. The Nelsons had carried inflatable furniture to the trade fair.

# Inflate and deflate easily

This type of furniture is easy to inflate. There is an opening on the furniture’s body, which needs to be pumped. A small hand-pump makes your work easy as you don’t have to blow into the chair or table you are trying to inflate. Once, the furniture attains the desired dimension you can remove the pump’s nozzle and button up the opening on the lower part of the furniture.

If you want to deflate them, just loosen the button covering the opening of the furniture and there you go.

# Use like conventional furniture

Inflatable Furniture

Use the furniture as much as you want to. You can keep crockery on the inflatable tables with no worries at all. Serve beverage to your visitors who can sit on inflatable sofas and keep the cups or cans beverage on the tables. Remember, if your visitors are happy with your treatment, they can become your patrons. Your sales can increase manifold, if you take the effort of offering good service along with quality products. To know more, kindly visit: http://www.abovealladvertising.net/

What are you thinking? Go ahead and order customized inflatable furniture for this year’s trade fair.

Use Arresting Trade Show Banners to get Good Business

Christmas is in the air and it’s time for the local annual trade show. Aren’t you excited? But, you have to get others excited too. By others, I mean your potential clients. Use trade show banners to allure people to your booth.

Once, the banners grab the attention of visitors to the show, you know very well how to convince them into buying your products.

Trade Show Banners

Here are some tips to create eye-catching banners:

# Keep the text short and the banner clean

Keep the text on the banners as short as possible. Visitors at trade shows will not wait to read what you have to say. So, make the text short, but strong, so that it has a strong impact on the readers’ mind.

When you choose a design, go for a clean look. If the banner looks messy, trust me, visitors will hardly bother to look. Another important thing in this regard is the presence of white space. White space is the empty space on the banner, which has neither text nor image. You may feel eager to fill up the white space, but as they say: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

# Make it convenient for the visitors to read

Place the banner at such an angle and at such a height that trade show visitors can actually understand the images and texts on the banner. If you are planning to position them at a higher elevation, stay confirmed that no one is going to strain their necks to see what you have to offer. Remember, you may be Gulliver, but others may as well be Liliputs. Again, keeping the banner small at a lower elevation can only mean that you are strictly into children’s stuff.

Trade show Banner

# Think about the target clientele

In the event that your trade show banners target a specific category of clients, you can rest assured that you will get sure-shot clients. Here here! I am not predicting that all visitors to your booth will end up buying from you. But, you can get visitors who are actually interested in your products and are not mere sightseers.

# Make the banners colorful with texts and images

Black and white texts tend to make banners boring. Imagine a text-based banner beside a dozen colorful banners filled with images. You don’t a stand a chance that way. Order a colorful banner. Do not make it a palette of colors, however. Be careful! Your marketing tool may become a test of your taste of colors.

Trade-Show Banners

# Combine upper and lower case of texts

By using a combination of both upper and lower cases, you can ensure proper visibility of your banners. People can understand what is written on them from a distance. As a matter of fact, you can use only upper case for the text on your banners. But, mixing the two cases makes the banners look more attractive. Keep uppercase for headlines or key points on the banners. Know more at: http://abovealladvertising.net/

Try these ideas to boost your business. Do you have any other suggestion about trade show banners for commanding the attention of clients? Let us know what you think and we will try them too.

Secure the Success of Business Promotion Campaign with Advertising Inflatables

Starting a business requires a lot of considerations and planning. While you are done with the considerations, you need to focus on the planning phase. Here, you have to devote substantial amount of time to the promotion and marketing of your business. Powerful marketing strategy and the selection of the right promotional tools are essential to ensure maximum exposure. When talking about promotional tools, advertising inflatables deserve special mention. Different types of outdoor inflatables are quite popular these days for effective business promotion. These are enormous in size, eye-catching and therefore, the best bet to draw the attention of your potential customers to your business.

Outdoor Inflatables

In this blog post, we will explore how inflatables can give your business the right visibility. Take a look at the following.

How Can Inflatables Boost Your Business Success?

# Great visual advertising

Capturing the attention of your potential customers is your chief objective and to achieve that, you need to embrace the importance of visual advertising. Inflatables turn out to be the perfect choice when it comes to striking gold with visual advertising. The fact that they are big in size makes it easier to appeal to the sense of sight of the audiences. When they are positioned at the top of high rises, inside the malls and major shopping centers, at the corner of busy streets and other areas experiencing heavy foot traffic, they are bound to catch the sight of the passers-by among which many of them are your prospective customers.

Outdoor Inflatable

# Effective and Economical

One of the biggest reasons why inflatables have emerged out as the most popular advertising tool is that they are quite inexpensive when compared to other promotional tools. They are durable and can be used repeatedly in multiple events. This makes them a really cost-effective option. Without spending much on advertising tools, you can ensure maximum exposure to your business in a number of events like, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate meets, etc. With the use of outdoor inflatables, you can easily execute a smart and effective advertising campaign for your business in a low budget.

# Varied Choices

Inflatables are available in different varieties. You can choose from an array of options, such as helium balloons, cold air balloons, inflatable kiosks, etc. If you are interested to try something more unique and exciting, you can go for product-shaped inflatables or inflatable costumes. Order for inflatables designed in the shape and size of your products and position them appropriately to gain visibility.


These advertising tools are made of different materials. While choosing inflatable suppliers, make sure that you select reputed and reliable suppliers who have spent a number of years in this business. Such suppliers offer inflatables made of good quality materials so that your promotional tools are durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Know more at: http://www.abovealladvertising.net/

So, now you have gained an idea regarding how outdoor inflatables can be beneficial for effective marketing of your business. Then, what are you waiting for? Reap the benefits of this wonderful advertising tool and be all smiles to see the success of your business.



Learn How to Order Ideal Tent for Upcoming Christmas Party

Christmas is here and you must be wondering how to celebrate it. You are bored of the same old indoor celebrations. Yes, we know it is cold and may even be white outside, but it is Christmas. Deck up with the warmest clothes for the party and rush outside. A custom tent can ward off your fear of being drenched with the falling snow. There are certain things that can make sure that you buy the perfect tent.

custom tents

Let me give you an idea about the factors you must keep in mind when you order a customized tent.

# Structure

  • Size of the canopy

It’s time you order for the most suitable tent for the party. Don’t forget to count the number of guests you have invited. You will have to order the tent depending on that. If you buy a small tent for a large number of people, you yourself might have to stand outside in the snowfall. To tell the truth, tent parties are best, if you have invited small number of guests.

  • Designed tops

The peak of a custom tent is the most visible part of the structure. You do not know, if it would snow or not. It is; therefore, better to be on the safe side. Go for a colorful and attractive peak. You may order for a peak that has a reindeer head on top of it. This will not only attract attention, but will also render the perfect Christmas spirit.

custom- tent

  • Protective side rails

Get side rails for the custom tent, so that you and your guests are protected from the weather. Even though they may not be as good as full walls, yet they are protective. You can also arrange for graphics on the side rails. Let your friends know the color combination and designs on the side rails. Attractive side rails with colorful designs can make your friends realize that you are the one to throw the party. In the forthcoming festive season, rest assured that you will not be the only person throwing a Christmas bash.

# Material of canopy and side rails

You can order any material for the canopy, side walls and side rails of the tent. The tent makers will suggest you the finest quality fabric. You must ensure the safety and protection of your guests. Hence, order a strong fabric, lest your tent gets drenched or blown away in the weather.

custom tent

# Material of the poles

I suggest you to order tent poles that can stand the weight of a strong canopy. Remember, the reindeer head at the top of the tent? That is going to be heavy and the material of the poles should be sturdy enough to support the external structure. Know more at: http://www.abovealladvertising.net/

# Cost of the tent

If you are anxious about the cost of the tent, it’s time you stop worrying. These tents are available at affordable prices. You can quote your budget to the tent designers and they will make you a custom tent for the jolly occasion.

Order the best custom tent for your upcoming party. Let us know how Santa offers you a fun-filled Christmas bash. We are waiting.

Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrella

Here in San Diego, we understand that the sun can be draining! We find that one of the best ways to get out of the deathly rays of heat is with one of our custom made market umbrellas. Not only can you stay cool in the heat – you can advertise your company and get business while doing it! We offer our umbrellas in two different shapes, round or square. The key to any advertisement is to get noticed. What better way than with vivid, full-color Market Umbrellas, with unique personalized designs. There is no compromise in the finish, as these products are printed on high quality fabrics which have high resiliency and durability.

Market Umbrellas

Market UmbrellaOur Round Umbrellas come in 7 or 9 foot diameter. The pole construction comes in a durable wood or fiberglass. The set up for these poles are very simple, every umbrella comes with a push button locking mechanism. The seven foot umbrella features 6 panels, while our nine foot features 8 panels. The total length from rib to rib is 38″-39″ when set up. The center pole is 1.5″, which fits perfectly into most umbrella post holes. Our market umbrella design features an extra crown of fabric at the top, called a wind vent. This design allows for a temporary gust of wind to escape from the underneath of the umbrella cover without knocking it over.

Market UmbrellaOur square umbrella comes seven feet wide, and has 4 panels. The total height of the umbrella comes to 58″ when set up. The square umbrella only offers a wooden pole system. We offer our umbrellas with either Full Color Dye Sublimation printing, or dynamic adhesion depending on your needs. We are able to print any logo of any color or design on our umbrellas! If you’re interested in our umbrellas, please contact your local sales rep at 1-866-552-2683, or contact us via email at info@abovealladvertising.com

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle GraphicsVehicles are such a huge part of our everyday life; it’s common for every family to have at least one car. With everyone’s busy schedule, it’s important to advertise where consumers are. One of the best ways to advertise is use everyday items, such as vehicle graphics, to your advantage.

Companies all around are taking their cars, trucks, and vans and displaying them with their companies’ advertisements. Driving down the street you will see several different types of advertisements specially designed for cars. You will see Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Magnets, Custom Car Covers, and Tailgate Stands. Each one has a different purpose and use.

Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps

Our Vehicle Wraps are a high performance, large-format digitally printed vinyl that adheres to your vehicle’s painted surface without any damage. Each print is laminated to provide durability from scratches as well as UV light. Our vehicle wraps are removable and do not damage the original paint. When the wrap is removed, the paint will look just as pristine as it was before. We are able to wrap any vehicle, no matter the make or size. We are able to print any color, any design or logo. The sky is the limit with this product!

Vehicle Magnets
Vehicle Magnet

Our Vehicle Magnets will turn your car into a mobile billboard! They will give your car a professional feel. Customize your own magnets with your own design and logo! Our magnets are completely removable, and will not damage your paint. They have been tested for outdoor use for over one year. These magnets are very durable and are sure to grab attention all around town!

Custom Car CoversCustom Car Covers

Our Custom Car Covers are fitted to cover any vehicle, using the finest materials with high quality craftsmanship. The breathable fabric allows excess moisture to evaporate and keep the heat to a minimum during the hot summer months. Our Custom Car Covers are designed for a specific model and make. When ordering a Custom Car Cover, be sure to include all details of the car including any and all body modifications as our Custom Car Covers are designed to have a snug fit all around with the long and low coverage to keep the wheels clean. Personalizing your car cover is now a reality!

tailgate stands
Tailgate Stands

Our tailgate stands are designed to let you post your banner or flag in the tailgate to show off while having fun. Our easy to use design will work on both cars and trucks and easily adapts to any tailgate. We suggest these for stationary vehicles only.

For more information and items that we offer for your vehicle, please contact your local sales representative at 1-866-552-2683, or contact us via email at info@abovealladvertising.com

Design-Aire™ Chairs

Design-Aire™Design-Aire™ Chairs – inflatable furniture and custom seating. When you look around the world, there are so many things that can be used to your advantage in the advertising industry. When marketing your brands, it’s important to notice the new trends that are taking place!Design-Aire™

Design Air ™ furniture is one of our favorite innovations and trends! We took regular inflatable furniture and made it more durable, fashionable and simply a must have for any showroom, brand and or activation.custom seatingThe Design-Aire™ Couch is truly one of a kind! Its sleek design makes it eye catching with a high quality look and feel. It’s made from our EP material inner inflatable structure and then covered with a high end premium polyester fabric shell which is printed using high quality digital dye sublimation. This material we us makes this product durable, easy to transport use wash and repair if necessary. The print is completely customizable; we can accommodate nearly any design wanted!

The Design-Aire™ Lounger There is nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing on your own personal lounge chair, specially designed for your company! This material is also made of Elasto-Planolium™ with an outer canvas shell. This makes the lounger an incredibly durable and dependable item! This is offered in full Dye Sub, and the print is completely customizable!  inflatable furnitureThe Design-Aire™ L-Shaped Chair is one of our most requested items! The Design Air product line, unlike conventional PVC inflatables, can withstand much heavier usage and is extremely durable. Not only is this product sturdier, it’s so easy to set up! It inflates quickly with an air pump and the seal ensures that no air escapes while you are using it. Once you are done using this item, simply release the air via the seal, and it folds up tight for clean and easy storage even when space is limited!L-Shape ChairThe Design-Aire™ Ottoman is one of our simplest designs, but that’s no lack for design! This product flies off of our product lines because of the fully dye sublimated prints and it’s natural versatility of use. This piece too is completely customizable! This product is also made out of Elasto-Planolium ™ with an outer canvas shell, so it’s very durable and easy to work with.

It’s no wonder why these amazing products are becoming the latest trend. They work well in practically any environment. They can be used as everything from ad space at events, in store, at festivals and so much more! The sky is the limit with these amazing products!
Have questions on these? Contact our sales representatives at our toll free number – 1-866-552-2683 Or contact us via email at: info@abovealladvertising.com

Window Perf, The Newest Technology Available

WIndow Perf

Window graphics include everything from window perf or window perforation to opaque window coverings and even custom printed blinds. Everywhere in the big city, Window Graphics are making it big! It’s certainly the new trend because it’s cost effective, has great ROI and clearly works very well! It’s hard not to see the advantages. We offer a huge array of materials in order to achieve your unique goals.
From window Perf to Window Clings, removable – re-position able  micro suction technology and many many more are available.

Window Perf™

WIndow Perf

The Window Perf™ is a see-through graphic printed on mechanically perforated vinyl. It has an adhesive black background on one side, and a bright beautiful / vibrant digital print on the other.  With this design, it allows you to see a bright beautiful print on the outside, and still be able to see through the window on the inside.  The holes on this Perf cannot be seen when looking through the sunlight!

The Window Cling, along with our many other adhesive window graphic options offers a bright, full color print using the newest technology available. We utilize the very best substrates and equipment, allowing you to do just to your brand, activation, store and or promotion.Window Cling

Triton Roller Shade™ Custom Printed Blinds

Triton CUSTOM PRINTED ROLLER SHADES are some of newest products in our line up. These blinds are certainly making an impact on the marketing world! Utilizing our state of the art equipment, we are able to print on just about any surface using specially formulated inks and print applications. That means the sky is the limit with these blinds – you can get just about anything you want printed on these blinds! Our blinds  serve as a unique way to deliver your message  in way an excellent way by utilizing the  interior real estate you already pay for all while giving your customers a better in store experience. We are also able to provide custom printed blinds with no particular message but rather custom solid colors or images to create a specific environment / look / feel and ambiance. Our system offers a smooth and dependable operating system, to lift and decline the blinds at any time.Window Perf

With all of these options available, its clear to see why this is becoming such a hot trend! Contact us today to get more information at our toll free number: 866-552-2683
Feel free to contact us via email at: info@abovealladvertising.com

What are the Utilities of a Flexible Banner Stand?

Are you planning to exhibit your products at the next trade fair? Have you exhausted all forms of advertising and marketing? Have you tried installing an adjustable banner stand? If you want your business to gain online traffic as well as high footfall at your physical store, this type of a banner stand is the ultimate thing.

Adjustable Banner Stand

Flexible Banner Stands are Useful

# Easy mechanism

Also called roller banners, they present logos, products and services of a company to the target market. Being affordable, they do not cause a burning hole in the pocket. Thanks to its design, the banner can be rewound when not in use. You can place it anywhere you wish to and remove it whenever required. Whether it rains or is windy, uninstalling this type of a banner stand is pretty easy.

If you are moving from one trade fair to another, just recoil the banner into the base. This mechanism protects the images and graphics from getting damaged even when you are traveling. These banner stands have height poles that can be adjusted accordingly.

Adjustable Banner Stands

# Attracts target customers

In the event that you are presenting your company at a trade fair, conference, exhibition, sales presentations, etc this type of banner stands are perfect. If you want, you can display these banner stands at any type of high profile occasion. A look at the banner and your target customers, will either visit your website or physical store and you may also enjoy enhanced conversion rates.

# Tiled banner stands

The banner stand can be mounted individually or may come up with separate smaller tiles to create an additional impact. Setting up a banner stand and taking it down is very easy. If, you are into mobile advertising, an adjustable banner stand is the best choice you have. It does not get damaged even when you are on the move.

Suppose, you want to pull down the graphics you had mounted on the banner stand during New Year. It is Halloween season and the graphics need to be different. Okay, let us suppose that your company sells toys. Unless you keep changing the graphics according to the occasion, children will not find your toys interesting. Parents too will have the impression that you sell old fashioned and back-dated toys.

adjustables banner stands

You might also have a restaurant. How do you plan to display separate items for each day? The presence of an adjustable banner stand helps you to change the graphics from time to time. So, you should approach banner stand sellers who can help you achieve the success you want. Know more at: http://abovealladvertising.net/

An adjustable banner stand is a retractable banner stand which can be increased or decreased in height as per requirement. If your target customers are five year olds and their parents, of course you won’t go for a height which is above the line of sight of the little ones. So, install retractable banner stands and watch your business grow both online and in physical stores. Whether you are in a trade show or a conference, you can display any number of graphics on one banner stand for different occasions.