A Look into the Various Types of Tent

Contrary to popular belief, tents are not only used for camping, hiking and trekking trips. They are also used as an advertising medium for increasing brand awareness. The market is flooded with various types of tents designed to cater to different uses. Most of them are lightweight and robust. They can be used with simplicity and require low maintenance. There is a classification called traditional tents and modern tents. Tepee tent is an example of a traditional tent.

Traditional tents

Yurts and Wickiups – A yurt is round-shaped and consists of wooden poles and is covered with canvas. There is a hole in the middle of a yurt to make sure light can pass through and the interior is not dark. The top portion of this type of tent is crown-shaped. Yurts are available for both long-term and temporary use. Wickiups have a sturdy structure with wooden poles. Like yurts, they are also available for prolonged and short-term use.

Teepee – They are multi-purpose. You can use them effectively for camping, fishing as well as hunting. In addition to these, they can also be used in outdoor events, concerts, reception parties, corporate events, trade fairs and any ceremonious event. They are available in various shapes and sizes to suit every type of event. The aesthetic and functional qualities of a tepee tent make them popular.

teepee tent

This type of gazebos has been designed in a way that a user finds it easy to put up and fold. They are shaped like that of a star and feature a width of 40 feet. Their height is somewhat around 20 feet. This means there is ample space for arrangements. A spacious area for exhibition allows materialising strong branding strategies. If you want to increase your brand’s identity in a stylish and sophisticated way, you must choose this type of gazebo.

Modern tents

Cabin, A-frame, geodesic and dome-shaped tents are modern tents.

Cabin – These tents are large-sized and quite heavy. As it is large, it offers a lot of interior space. A number of poles are attached together to form a cabin tent. If you want, you can form more than one room inside it by using dividers.

A-frame – These gazebos are a good choice for camping gear if you are going to a place with stable weather conditions. Wires support the poles and there is no floor covering. These make them unfavourable during windy days.

Dome-shaped – This type of porch is the most popular. Apart from being very easy to assemble and dismantle, a dome-shaped tent does not need to be dismantled when it is required to move from one place to another. Unlike A-frame, this type of gazebo provides impressive service during inclement weather conditions.

Geodesic - In the last few years, geodesic tents have gained much popularity. Campers tend to prefer them over other options. They are more or less designed like the dome-shaped one and offers better protection against wind and chill.

The aforementioned options cater to various requirements. Whether you opt for cabin or tepee tent, make sure it pertains to your convenience.

Enjoy Camping with the Right Inflatable Tent

It is a wonderful experience to escape from the hustle bustle of daily life to a serene and tranquil place. A place where you can be yourself and let loose your adventurous spirit! Camping is a favourite outdoor activity of many and it offers the right dose of adventure at every step. Setting for camping with all the right essentials, such as an inflatable tent is sure a great idea to enliven oneself and come back with a renewed vigour.

Is camping on your mind to liven up your spirits? If yes, then you need to know about the most important things to put inside your backpack. And one of them is the inflatable tent and in this blog post I will talk about this camping essential.

inflatable tentThere is a wide variety of inflatable tents. Amidst so many choices, you may feel a bit confused regarding how to select the right one for a good camping experience. But, let me tell you, deciding on an appropriate one is not a difficult task if you make the following considerations:

Destination you are headed for

Choosing the right pergola depends on the destination you have selected for camping. If the destination is considerably far from your place and you will be required to experience a rugged terrain, you need to purchase one suitable for a trip like this. In case you have opted for a camping ground in close proximity to your locality and the terrain is even, make the choice accordingly.

Number of people going with you

When you have decided the type of the tent, the next consideration is its size. The number of people accompanying you on the trip determines this factor. If you have planned to go with a big group of your family and friends, you will definitely need a pergola large enough so that everyone in your group can relax with ease.

On the other hand, if it is just you on the trip, you can buy a small-size inflatable tent.

custom inflatable tentVentilation

After you have picked up the type and size of tent you want for your camping, you need to know whether the tent is airy or properly ventilated. A perfect tent is one that offers good airflow and does not make you suffocate. You will definitely not want to feel stuffy and wake up irritated at the middle of the night. Choose a tent that lets you detach and attach the vent cover easily.

While camping, you can never predict when an inclement weather condition will hamper your experience. Keeping this in view, you should select a tent that has easy-to-use vent covers.

These are the most crucial factors to keep in mind while choosing the right inflatable tent. There are many companies that offer this type of camping tent. Some offer at cheap rates while some act a bit pricey. You must purchase a quality product which comes at a reasonable price. In this respect, you may opt for buying from an online shop or select the traditional mode of shopping. No matter which one you go for, do not forget to consider the essentials before swiping your credit card.

Teardrop Banners: A significant component in indoor and outdoor ads

Marketing you business with teardrop banners is a superb way to popularize your business. It can be used to endorse your new company or spread some more awareness about your business. Teardrop banners can be great promotional medium because of its capacity to draw the attention of people around. No wonder, marketers are using this type of ad for attracting more and more customers. Teardrop banner ads can be set up anywhere near the road to appeal every pedestrian and driver.

teardrop bannersThis kind of ad is available in several types of designs and sizes. However, you generally get to see the ones that are 2 to 4 m tall. These are generally made with prints on both sides, in order to ensure the promotion of your locality and business. You can use the same prints and designs on both sides of the banner or you may choose different layouts that you think will suit your business. When the breeze blows and these flap; they effortlessly get considerable amount of attention from the passersby.

You can custom-design these banners with the logo of your company or any business tagline that you may have. You can also include graphic ads in your ad banners; this will make them more interesting and attractive. However, you should make sure that the graphics that you use are in keeping with the kind of products and services that your company offers. Teardrop banners are popularly used by businesses that show that they happen to be an outlet of a major brand.

teardrop flags

Teardrop banner ads are quite durable; hence, are apt at resisting strong snowfall or wind. This is because the bases of these advertisements are secured to the ground, which make them handle storm, extreme rain and sun with ease. Besides these, there are many other advantages of using these banners. First amidst them is that these are portable; they can be carried in hands. So, when you are not using these, they can be stored easily within a small space. Secondly, these ad forms do not call for a huge set up and collapse process. Both the processes require only a few minutes and can be done by just one person.

Teardrop ads are named so because they come in the shape of a tear drop. These are very easily mounted up on a weighted pole, much like you do in case of a flag. The banners are stiff around the edges making the signage easier to comprehend. These advertisements should ideally be placed at a place that is frequented by people, like, parks, beaches, shopping malls, railway stations, etc.

While using this form of advertisement, you also need to make sure that your image is clearly visible from all the directions. It can also be used to express appreciation for your specific target market. Teardrop ads are truly innovative and ‘element defying’.

It is certainly not without a reason that teardrop banners are such a hit in the indoor and outdoor marketing sphere. Make sure you use these for your business too.

How Can You Set Up And Take Down Giant Inflatables?

Giant inflatables are one of the most popular types of outdoor advertisements that businesses are adopting these days. These kinds of ads include giant slides, moon bounces, inflatable obstacle courses, etc. If you are planning to rent or buy an inflatable ad, it is better to know how to use them, i.e., put them up and take them down.

giant inflatables

  1. Inflatable objects generally come rolled and tied to keep them compact. First and foremost you need to determine the venue the object needs to be set up. Be very careful, as these objects are very heavy, hence, difficult to move. Make sure that the area has enough space. There shouldn’t be any low branches around; the area should be clear of all sharp objects, like nails, broken glass, etc.

  2. Unroll the inflatable and unfold all the extra ramps, parts, arches and platforms that may be a part of the object. Organize the item exactly the way you want it to be positioned.

  3. Make sure that all the zippers and vents are closed. Find out the tube or tubes that extend outside the item and are used for attaching the blower or blowers. Attach the latter and make sure that they are securely connected and without any gaps for air to escape through. Then, you need to plug the blower in and turn it on. Take a few steps back while the item gets inflated. Depending on the size of the inflatable ad, it may take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes to achieve complete inflation.

  4. Once the item is totally inflated and firm, use hammer and stakes for nailing down the object in all the required areas. These generally have a looped strap or a D-ring on the edges of the object. You can find these in the mid-section and on the corners. However, make sure that all the straps are taut and that there is a bright ribbon or cone on all stakes so that no one trips over them.

  5. Enjoy the giant inflatables! This should be done by making sure that all the users are safe and sound. Also abide by all the restrictions regarding height, weight and health that may have been given by a manufacturer or a rental company.

  6. Take down the item. At the end of day, the time comes to turn off and disconnect the blower. Allow the item to deflate by opening and unzipping the vents. While the object gets deflated, you can take out all stakes. When the item gets fully deflated, fold all the extra parts, platforms, ramps, arches, etc. towards the center. Then take a long side of the item a third of the way in. Repeat the same on the other side. Now, you should be able to see the item’s underside. Followed by this you can march or walk down each fold, so that extra air gets squeezed. Once you are sure that there’s no air left inside the object, fold and roll it as tightly as possible and secure it with a ratchet strap. You are done!

Setting up and taking down giant inflatables may be quite a task, but that gets paid in the form of attention that it gets your brand. So, if you are thinking big on outdoor marketing, inflatables are the way to go.

Giant Inflatables Can Actually Work!

Given the fact that these days ads abound around us, it is quite difficult for marketers to grab the right kind of attention. There is terrible amount of advertising and selling going on in the market. Be it the print or the electronic media, they simply overwhelm people with advertisements. This has resulted in individuals being apathetic towards ads. But, you being a businessman, cannot afford to avoid marketing your products and services, and for that you need to spend quite some money. But what if those ads go unnoticed by people? All your money goes to waste. Don’t worry you can market your products and services effectively, that too at a much lower price, through giant inflatables.

Several marketers from all around the world have recognized the capability of this advertising medium. The most important reason behind their success is that, these inflatable ads do not seek attention but seize it; thanks to their giant size. It is a much better way to bring your products and services in limelight in comparison to its counterparts.

giant inflatablesThe fact that it is successful, is an undisputed truth. No passer by can manage to miss it out; that big it is. Leave alone passers by, such ads can also be seen by people from a distance, thus, arousing a curiosity regarding them.

When you place giant inflatables outside your building, it no more remains a drab building that people pass by without paying any attention. Ads are particularly adored by kids, so even if the parents miss the ad by chance, which is a very rare possibility, kids make sure that their parents take a glance. Big inflatable ads, thus, can be a huge hit when placed in shopping malls or other places frequented by kids.

giant inflatable productsInflatable ads can be used without taking permission from anyone, unlike other forms of outdoor ads. Besides, these ads are also great for storing. They can be easily folded and stored away. Such ads hardly take up much space, be it deflated or inflated. You may be wondering how it cannot take up space in its inflated form, given its ‘giant’ size? Well, it doesn’t because the space that these use up is vertical rather than horizontal. Such ads can be up to 20 feet tall, thus, are visible from a distance of 500 yards!

However, you need to consider a few things when you order for your inflatables. You should know that there are various options available in the market, as far as makers of inflatable ads are concerned. They often provide you with so many options that you get confused regarding which type to choose. Another thing that you should not forget is quality. If that is not good, you will not be able to enjoy any of the benefits that such ads offer.

You should check the level the resistance against sunshine and water. See if the giant inflatables stands tall against increased UV rays and moisture. Go for it only if it does; otherwise, it surely won’t last long.

Why Should You Use Inflatable Advertisements?

Businesses have been using billboards for decades as far as outdoor advertisement is concerned. However, billboards do not always fit the bill. Under such circumstances inflatable furniture and other types of inflatable ads often become useful.

Inflatable ad is an inexpensive way of advertising, getting you higher visibility and frequency before all your prospective clients and customers. Business owners have always preferred inflatable ads due to its affordable and effective nature. Business promotion is mostly expensive. So, if one gets an opportunity to advertise effectively, yet at a cheaper amount, it will obviously be grabbed by any marketer. That is exactly what has happened with inflatable ads.

This type of advertisements is suitable for all types of commercial signaling that makes use of signage which is designed to be full of air. The ad may come in any shape and size, but its motto is to promote a product or service and send across a message regarding a certain business. Inflatable ads are available in various forms: inflatable furniture, screen, billboard, illuminated tube, air dancer, sky dancer, etc.

inflatable furnitureAll these are apt at drawing the attention of your target audience. The best aspect of these ads is that these allow you to present your products and services to your consumers in a fun and exciting manner. These advertisements are bound to grab the attention of any pedestrian, at any location, thus, making your ad campaign a success.

Here’s a list of advantages that your business can enjoy with inflatable ads:

  • Freedom to advertise in the most unique places

Inflatable ads can be used in places where other kinds outdoor ads cannot be; thus, allowing you the freedom to promote your business in unique places and enabling you to grab all the attention, like, on water. Besides, you can use it big sporting events, beaches, etc.

custom furniture

  • Inflatables are memorable

Such ads are memorable simply because they are fun. They often remind us of our childhood when we used to visit birthday parties and fairs. They are colorful, come is a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and mostly in friendly characters. You can obviously make a customized ad for your business. Remember, the crazier the more memorable.

  • Greater visibility

To make sure that viewers remember you, you need to make sure that you are visible to more and more people. These ads can be used at special events like conventions, festivals, fairs, etc. that is expected to have a huge number of attendees. When you promote your business with a gigantic balloon, the ad is bound to be seen from all directions. This way you make the best use of commercial space, drawing the attention of everyone present around.

  • Unlimited use

While signs and billboards are awkward to be stored and reused, inflated ads are not. The former is generally painted and printed over or torn down after they have been used, due their limited nature, but the latter can be easily deflated and stored for being used later.

You see, inflatable furniture and other types of inflatable ads pose only pros as far as outdoor advertisement is concerned. Make sure you use them if you are planning an outdoor ad campaign.

Feather Flags: Old School Yet Useful

The world of advertising is abundant with a variety of promotional banners, amidst which feather flags are one of the most popular ones. These are readily available to business owners and marketers who aim at making their ad campaign more robust.

Feather flags are not something that is new to the market; they have been there since years, but it is only now that they have become so prominent and in-demand. This is because of the fact that marketing has never been so outrageous as it is nowadays. Marketers, now take promotional banners as one of the greatest forms of portable advertising mediums.

Promotional flags can be a powerful marketing strategy

A powerful marketing strategy is what is needed to take your brand to the potential clients. An efficient marketing campaign can not only attract the desired eyeballs but also improve your reputation in the market as well. Promotional banners have become popular because of its effective and eye-catching nature. It is so attention-drawing that, it is actually quite hard for it to fail as a marketing medium. This is the best form of outdoor advertisement that you can use in windy weathers. While other forms of outdoor ads stand a chance of getting torn in such environments, feather banners excel in the same.

feather flagsWhat are feather flags?

These are promotional banners that are made of lightweight fabrics like vinyl, polyester, nylon or any other waterproof material that can wave easily and can be washed as well.

Promotional banners often come in unique designs, colours, sizes and shapes. They can be installed on aluminum poles with a height of standard vision, so that there is no need to look up to locate them. For the purpose of security the flag and the pole are placed on a stable base.

How effective are the promotional flags?

Feather flags are great choices for advertising your brand at sporting events, fund raising events, fairs and festivals, public gatherings and business conferences. They instantly grab the attention of the passing people, thus, taking your brand to several new minds.

Thanks to its wide visibility, promotional banners are quite eye-catching. People get to notice them even from a distance. They sway beautifully in the wind with your company name and logo printed on them, thus, making it stand out amidst the other ads that may be there.

Feather flags do not face the problem that is faced by other standard flags. While the latter can get flapped by strong winds, thus, making your ad invisible to people; the former is more adaptable to stronger wind. They are vertically attached to the pole, and are steadied by flagpole accessories, which makes it flap less when gusty wind pass by.

How to make the best use of these flags?

Just like any other forms of ad, this one too needs to be placed in the right place and the right time, to let it shine as a marketing medium. Feather flags are cheap and efficient; make the best use of them to take your brand to as many people as possible.

Why Use Advertising Inflatables for Business Promotion?

Business promotion is the key to attract potential customers and companies use different tools and techniques to grab the attention of customers. There are mainly two types of marketing techniques-online and offline. Online marketing is gaining huge popularity these days and more and more people are using computers, smartphones and tabs, but when it comes to memorability, you need to invest in offline marketing. A dynamic ad lasts only for 30 seconds, but a billboard stays at the same spot for several months. So, the question is, how should you promote your business without taking help of internet? Brochures and banner ads are outdated and used by many advertisers. If you want to try something unique, then advertising inflatables are your ideal solution. Inflatable advertising items are large, flaunt a unique look and can be used by all types of businesses. Let’s find out some of the unique advantages of advertising inflatables.

advertising inflatables# It is unconventional: Unlike other offline marketing mediums, inflatable items are not over exposed. People still get surprised when they see a giant product replica and that surprising factor is the key to register a product/service in a consumers’ mind.

# Size does matter: You can get the advertising inflatables in various sizes as per your requirements. In fact, an inflatable advertisement can be as tall as 24 feet. As these are made in three dimensions, they look very real and grab the viewers’ attention.

inflatable advertising# Reusable: Unlike banners and billboards, you can easily store a giant product replica or a costume. Just deflate the item and it will reduce in size. So, if you go to various trade fairs or business events, you can use the same advertising material to various places.

# Cheap: If you have designed a brochure or rented a billboard before, then you know how much money these things cost. On the contrary, advertising inflatables are easily affordable. Moreover, inflatables last for a long time and thus, the return on investment is really impressive.

inflatable products# Place it anywhere: The reach of inflatables is astonishing. You can literally place them anywhere for business promotion. Dust, water and heat do not damage the appeal of your marketing tool. For example, you can order for a large ball with your brand logo on it and place it in the pool during a water polo competition to promote your sportswear brand. Similarly, you can hover a helium blimp over a sports stadium to give your brand the maximum exposure. Thousands of people in the stadium will be able to see it from all directions.

# Get them in different shapes: Just take a look at any famous advertising inflatable supplier’s portfolio and you will find more than enough options. You can get anything from large costumes to product replica and furniture to tents at budget friendly rates. The design, colour, text can be customized as per your recommendations. No other marketing tool gives you this much freedom.

If you have never used advertising inflatables before, then this is the right time to invest in them. Your target audience will love them and as a result, your business will grow rapidly.

Why Should You Use Custom Truck Wraps Advertising?

Custom truck wraps is a very effective strategy for marketing. It is a form of advertising that is sure to get you more band for your buck. Wondering why? Well, the answer is with truck or other vehicle wraps, you need to invest just once and then your business will keep on getting exposure for as long as the vehicle is used. Great, isn’t it? Just one time investment and an indefinite period of advertisement. Are you thinking that the ad may wear out? Do not worry because such ads stay absolutely intact for at least 5 years on an average, meaning your investment will continue paying you for the next five years at least.

Advertising on vehicles also makes a great first impression, striking the mind of your target audience like you want. In fact, it is one of the best ways to have a memorable ad campaign for spreading the message of your business.

custom truck wrapsHere’s why you should not give vehicle wraps a miss:

  • Attention grabbing

A giant vehicle wrap is bound to attract the attention of each and every passer by. They may not pay much attention to a regular truck passing, but whenever it has a well-designed, bright and colorful advertisement attached to it, people are bound to notice it and not forget it soon.

  • Reach a much wider base of audience

Depending on how many vehicles you have decided to advertise on, and how often they travel and how far, you can take your product or services to innumerable number of people every month. In fact, custom truck wraps is one form of marketing that can take your business to the widest base of audience, than any form of marketing can do. Research says that businesses often get more customers than they manage to do from their own sites.

custom fleet wraps

  • Non-Aggressive marketing

Unlike print and radio advertisements, truck wrap ads do not create any disturbance in attracting attention. It allows potential customers to spot your ad without any significant distraction from what they were already doing. Consumers have been found to respond better to ads that does not have an ‘in-your-face’ approach. People often like striking vehicle advertisements and do not mind the ads in any way.

  • Get mobile

Truck wrap ads goes into the view of your potential customers, rather than waiting for them to notice your advertisement, as it happens in newspapers and TV commercials. So, with these ads you can non-intrusively, reach out to consumers on the roads. You can say that the benefits of mobile exposure are almost endless.

custom car covers

  • Affordable

Unlike in case of billboards that have consistent recurring costs for as long as your market, vehicle wraps involve only one-time investment and the benefits can be enjoyed for as long as the vehicle is working.

  • Local Advertising

Vehicle wraps are more targeted because you are advertising for a local market. The people who view your ads are mostly the people of your area. Hence, you get to narrow down your marketing to your locality, thus, making more business there.

Custom truck wraps for services, sales and delivery vehicles are indeed, very powerful marketing and branding tools.

Retractable banner stand for innovative publicity

Banners are perennial favorites of advertisers and marketers. This traditional printed marketing tool is universally used indoors as well as outdoors to increase visibility. This convenient marketing tool could be hung or erected in open areas, displayed in exhibition halls, or erected on a retractable banner stand in front of your kiosk. Banners could be of varying sizes and mounted on different kinds of frames as per your exact requirement.

Emergence of different kinds of banners

Banners have undergone several changes over the years. Earlier, cotton, satin, organza and canvas were used extensively. These were replaced by nylon and polyester for their lighter weight and easier availability. Presently, vinyl banners are most popular and are used universally for all categories. Vinyl is light in weight, water resistant, easy to print on and convenient to erect and dismantle. These could also be stored over longer periods for subsequent use.

Vinyl is preferred over other substances because of it ability to adapt to different types of printing. These are compatible with digital printers and could be cut into customized sizes. As they are flexible they could be rolled or folded as per your requirement. This material is available in categories of 10oz., 13oz., 16oz., and 18oz. Among these 16oz. variety is ideal for a retractable banner stand. This being on the heavier side does not curl even when the edges are not sewn, fused, or welded.

retractable banner standFeatures of retractable banners

These banners are normally in form of roll ups or pull ups. They are easy to erect, roll in and carry. As the material used is made of vinyl the print quality stays intact for a long time. Though these vinyl printed material could of different heights and width, they are usually restricted to a height of 96 inches and width of 33 inches. Even after repeated use, your vinyl print out remains as good as new. Customization is another outstanding feature of this form of display.

Tips for choosing

These stands could be chosen according to your need. Normally two variants are available: floor and table. Floor types could be put up inside exhibition halls, outside shop rooms, and at entrances of showrooms. Table top type might be displayed inside shop windows, small office spaces, and on shop room counters. Normally, banner designers always prepare a sample before making a final imprint. You must always insists on these proofs before finalizing an order.

In case, your publicity material is placed inside the middle of a hall or a room, a dual-sided matter could be opted. This enables an omnidirectional view of your placard. Although putting up and dismantling of these are easy, it is advisable to seek professional advice in the initial stages.

If these point of sales materials are date or venue specific, you need to be careful about not using them in other places and in different dates. You must always remember that a retractable banner stand is meant to impress prospective buyers and motivate them in using your product or service.